Saturday, August 24, 2019

Lets Adventure Crawl Pare : KPUB

KPub  awes with its sprawling area, 600 seating capacity, high ceiling, glittering tables, fuscia pink chairs,  crystal green wall of  Tsing Tao beer  and that humongous movie screen that serves as focal point.

The whole place spells K-P-O-P-P-A-R-T-Y in capital letters . KPOP fans will be overjoyed and wont be able to help but gawk at the  lifesize posters of  their KPop idols  on lofty ceilings while watching their  projection gyrate and perform on  gargantuan celluloid ,  right smack in the center of the venue.

I saw KPub's logo as early as a few years back in Fort Strip at the BGC and I have always wanted to give it a go with the handsome hubby and piggery but somehow never got around to it.

Fast forward last Thursday, and KPub was part of  the event dubbed  LETS ADVENTURE CRAWL PARE , a collaboration between Ortigas Malls including Tiendesitas where we were at and  the online group Lets Eat Pare.

Long before the explosion of  Korean BBQ in the metro's restaurant scene,  KPub was already there with its Korean-BBQ-marries-KPop-concept.

Check out their Beat the Clock  Promo P499+  with level up at P699+  . During Dinner , Weekends and Holidays their prizes go up to P599+ for regular and P749 for level up.

Last Thursday, we had the NO LIMIT UNLI REFILL P899+  which gave us the option to choose from 4 kinds of seafood and 11 meat including beef and chicken.

Overall, KPUB   is a great place to have a Korean BBQ party in for KPop fans.  Meat were of premium quality. Service was cheerful and top notch.

What I truly enjoyed was the fact that you leave the place as fresh smelling as when you entered it.

Do check them out and let me know what you think.

See  you there :)

KPUB  just opened at the 2nd Floor Building B in Tiendesitas Bo. Ugong Pasig last July.

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