Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Breakfast had always been our favorite meal of the day.

There is something about waking up  after a long night's slumber and enjoying a feast or at least your favorite food at this time of the day.

Feels like you have a carte blanche to indulge considering that you have the whole day to burn whatever food  and quantity of the same  you ingested that morning.

So Im really ecstatic that apart from our old almusal favorites, Jollibee came out with two new variants for us to try

Check out Jollibee's Breakfast Sandwiches.

Egg & Cheese Sandwich at P39  is such a steal apart from being delicious, that I think I would be able to finish two orders of these with my piping hot coffee or hot chocolate in one sitting. Visualize a buttered bun with a combo of sunny side up egg with a drizzle of maple syrup. Wow salty and sweet, anyone? That's a perfect balance of flavors complementing each other

Want a little meat on your sandwich?

Order their Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich at P50. Imagine crispy , smoky savory slices of bacon with your creamy sunny side up egg and your sharp and salty cheese again with maple syrup.. yum!

'Perfect for workinng Filipinos who need a quick yet deliciously filling breakfast to start their busy days. The new Jollibee Breakfast Sandwiches offer all the goodness of time-tested breakfast food favorites in a meal you can enjoy on-the-go, The Breakfast Sandwiches are nont only satisfying for the palate but also for the budget as prices start at only P39.00" - MARI ALDECOA Jollibee Marketing Director for Core Products

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  1. Jollibee is most known for their signature fried chicken, Chickenjoy, which is beautifully hand-breaded using a secret marinade to be crispylicious on the outside and juicylicious on the inside.
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