Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Was invited a few days ago to a Private Tasting Event at Fantastic Chef.

Fantastic Chef  is the sister company of Fantastic Baka an established unli Korean BBQ located across ABS CBN in QC that caters to mid-market with a wider range of premium meat offerings at P699 and P799

Fantastic Chef  just opened at the heart of Manila in Remedios Circle Malate. Apart from the unli Korean BBQ at P499 or P540 with beef,  Fantastic Chef  also offers  premium selections of Korean liquor and spirits  alongside local beverages

Fantastic Baka created Fantastic Chef  to cater to more customers . It competes with other unli Korean BBQ joints with the same price range ie Samgyupsal, Seoulgyupsal, Romantic Baboy, etc.

Fantastic Chef  refers to Chef Jang Jungyun who used to work in Gaon Seoul Korea, a Michelin starred restaurant in the Land of the Morning Calm.

What makes Fantastic Chef stand out from the rest..?
UNLI P499 or P549 with beef

Apart from its Korean Chef  Jang Jungyun, the variety of meat makes Fantastic Chef a formidable  contender in the top Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurants "derby"

  • 10 kinds of unli meat without beef  skirt meat,rack, jowls, seasoned pork neck, pork belly, thin pork belly, cheek, spicy pork bulgogi, seasoned chicken barbecue,  spicy chicken barbecue
  • Add on fee of P50 with the inclusion of beef plate and seasoned beef plate
  • P200 penalty for left overs


Per Restaurant Manager Alex, Fantastic Chef can seat about 40 at any one time. The place is unevenly shaped with 3 areas.

Entrance Area where the cashier is. Roughly 3 tables or roughly 16 pax can be accommodated.

I call this the elevated area or main dining and can accomodate roughly 5 tables of 4

The Seafood Area with a totally different menu serving fresh seafood
 The  last area at the back beyond the main kitchen is specifically for ala carte sea food orders.
The kitchen is located at the Seafood Area.
The Korean BBQ dining area  can be  a little smokey despite the long-necked silver exhaust protruding from the ceiling.


Fantastic Chef has an edge over its competitors because of its wider selection of meats.

Can be a bit cramped and uncomfortable when restaurant is full. Exhaust although provided each table, is not enough to absorb all the smoke and aroma of  cooking meats  brought about by grilling by charcoal.

Expect so smell like the meats you are eating after.

Definitely value for money.

I suggest they assign at least 2 servers to concentrate per area.  It can get a little difficult calling the attention of servers  to replace the grill  or to request for water when the resto is full.  Our table was located by the entrance door.


A little out of the way but it's Remedios Circle address evokes images of  destination restaurants for me.

Will I go back with the piggery in tow?


That Seafood Restaurant at the back piqued my curiosity. Those aquariums  of fresh bounties from the sea beckon.

Fantastic Chef is located  at 590 Remedios Circle Malate Manila

Fantastic Chef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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