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I love home-grown brands. It is  inspiring to  hear stories of passion-turned-business ventures  that are successful. Like this restaurant which currently has 3 branches and started out humbly in night markets and Christmas bazaars in Las Pinas...

  • Started as a pastry business in 2007
  • Couple Noel and Loren started the business with only  P5000 as starting capital. Loren bakes while Noel markets.
  • joined night markets and Christmas bazaars
  • Loren is CPA - but loves to cook and bake. 
  • The couple loves their coffee
  • "Cassalu" from their children's names Cassandra and Lucas also sounds like "kasalo' which means "a person with whom one shares his her meals"
  • all about passion

Cassalu was pretty casual. I loved the pastel color theme of the place. The high ceiling had rows of  mason jars which served as light fixture. One wall is festooned with knick knacks and mirror

. Across it is the bar /coffee counter. Another wall is  decked with different colors of lighted mugs.

It was a Blogger's Day event earlier.

I received my invitation last month. Together with a group of select foodies, we were served the following :

Fries Extreme
Oriental Salad
Kaldereta Pasta
Chicken Ala King
Rice Platter
Home made Iced Tea or Dalandan Juice
2 slices of Cheese cake

Potato Wedges and Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Bacon Alfredo
Hickory Pork Belly
Rice Platter
Home made Iced Tea or Dalandan
2 Slices of Cheesecake

Oriental/Caesar/Garden Salad
Creamy Pesto
Baked Norwegian Salmon (600 g)
4 sides
Home made Iced Tea or Dalandan Juice

Coffee brewed 4 ways

French Press

Aero Press
Kalita Wave

Home-made Cheesecakes

This budget conscious mom loved their group meals. An average of P500 per person for their portions and a balance mix of salad,protein and carbohydrates? Not bad.

My favorite meal is the Wholesome 4-some option. Their 600 g salmon was huge and scrumptious. There is even a choice  of either rice or  Pesto Fettucine for carbs, a sizeable platter of salad  4 sides and a pitcher of home-made Iced Tea or Dalandan Juice. It was  a little more expensive  than the other two options. But hey you are getting salmon for protein.

The Family Treat P1888 is my first runner up (haha). Their pork belly was so tender and flavorful, Im sure our piggery would love them with bowls of rice or the Bacon Alfredo which was delish as well. Another plate of wings (6 pcs) complements the pork belly. You have your 1 pitcher Iced Tea or Dalandan juice plus you get 2 slices of cheesecake too. Now that is not a bad deal.

Those who are into specialty coffee would be delighted to know that owners-couple Loren and Noel love this beverage too. That is why Cassalu has 4 options of brewing method for your coffee.Try them all.

We tried the Ethiopian variant and the aeropress method with blueberry cheesecake and the V60 for the Mt. Apo beans with the smores cheesecake all recommended by their baristas of course.

Yes it was a perfect day to discover a new home-grown restaurant. My only peeve was the restaurant was a bit hard to find maybe because I found the whole mall's lay out a little confusing. Good thing there was a concierge to help me out

Definitely returning with the piggery in tow to try other items in their menu.

CASSALU is located at the 2nd level of Ayala Mall Circuit in Makati.

Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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