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Largest #1 Udon Chain in the world opens its 4th branch....

Note : UP Town Center Branch

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People in this part of the metro must be  rejoicing with a collective cheer of  Yay with the opening of this popular self-service joint from Japan at   UP Town Center .

Marugame  UP Town Center is the fourth branch after  the brand's grand launch a year ago in Bonifacio High Street in BGC.

Did you know ... ?
  • Marugame  opened its first shop in Kakogawa City Hyogo in November 2000
  • Toridoll Holdings Corp  is the Japanese company that runs marugame chain
  • Marugame Waikiki 2011 - the first  shop opened outside Japan
  • Marugame Thailand 2012 - first shop opened in Asia
  • Marugame Philippines opened In August 2017
  • Ben Chan's Suyen  Corp has the franchise in the Philippines along with Paul, St. Mark's Cafe, Bench Cafe, Maisen,  Pablo, Patchi chocolates  to name a few
  • 800 branches in Japan 200 branches in 12 countries

Unlike their Glorietta version,  the food counter is right inside the restaurant. The lay out is rectangular. It still echoed the decor from Glorietta  though  which I learned  from Ms. Tess (marketing) was replicated  from their original store in Marugame in Japan.

It had a relatively high ceiling, wood floors the color palette of which was echoed  on the chairs and tables. The result is a  neat and tidy  space any OC would love.  There is a space just across the cashier were all condiments are with matching little black bowls and glasses for drinks.

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A shock of  dark pinkish hue on the couch, an "adobe"-tiled wall and  a pastel colored painting provided a respite from all the warm browns and black.

How to Order
  1. Queue
  2. Choose from the menu plastered above your head
  3. Choose  your noodles - hot or cold
  4. Wait for a few seconds for the udon to be cooked.

5.Receive your udon
6.Proceed to tempura and omusubi section to pick your sides... if you want some  that is  . Otherwise     just wait patiently until it is your turn at the cashier
8.After paying turn behind you  for your condiments, glass of water or tea.
9.Choose your table.
    5 Types of Udon
    • Kamaage - for chewy noodles, get it hot from the pot
    • Kake -  served with broth
    • Bukkake -  udon with thick broth
    • Kamatama - hot udon with egg. Best with dashi-shoyu (soy-sauce broth)
    • Udon with dipping sauce - udon rinsed in cold water

    What Pigoutsundays loved :

    Beef Ontama Bukkake 
    R P210  L P260
    Loved the Udon which was made fresh from the premises with a machine that was shipped from Japan. It was thick yet al dente at the same time just perfect for slurping away. The beef was thinly sliced and delicious.I loved my poached egg as well. It  was creamy and scrumptious.

    The whole dish is actually reminiscent of  sukiyaki because of the sweet broth.  The regular size is more than enough for ladies with modest appetite like moi hehe

    Chicken Paitan Udon
    R P200 L P250

    My foodie friends are not too keen   on this broth. But I like it a lot. The taste is at once familiar and comforting  like the one  my mom used to make when I get sick but  sans the udon of course. The eggs were amazing as expected (egg person here ) . It almost stole the thunder from the Udon.  Or so I thought until I bit into those freshly made thick wheat flour noodles ..... yum!

    Apart from the Udon though let us not forget that Marugame also serves spectacular side dishes...

    Noritama Omusubi P35
    Spam Omusubi P60
    Salmon Flakes Omusubi P55
    Tuna Omusubi P40n

    and rice bowls...

    Curry Rice P160

    Marugame Tendon P270

    Summary :

    Freshly made udon right before your eyes, cafeteria price for  top notch ingredients, authentic Japanese cuisine originally from Marugame ( a city located in Kagawa Prefecture), fast service...what's not to love?

    No wonder its spreading like virus all over the world haha. Sorry not a good analogy. But you know what I mean.

    Tip :
    Take it from this mom's experience.
    If you order just one item like the large Butakke for example, it will only set you back P260. It is when you add on the  omusubi and tempura/s that your cost escalates . The side dishes ie gyoza, tonkatsu and the like may be just in the range between P35 to P75 but you would be surprised how it all adds up once you reached the cashier .

    Marugame Udon is located at the Ground Floor UP Town Center Katipunan Avenue Diliman Quezon City

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