Saturday, October 13, 2018

Premium Beef Cuts at Sariwon

This foodie  mom is in meat heaven .Two consecutive days of Korean barbecue  was such a treat , I can still feel my inner carnivore smiling with a satisfied grin as I write this , while my health-conscious-self cringe in horror haha.

Eat-all-you-can Korean bbq is all the rage this days, people find out too late that quantity does not always equate to quality.  One hear horror stories of  questionable meat "condition" or  worse sanitation/hygiene issues .

For discerning foodies that are more into  being assured of  premium and well curated meat selection, you may want to check out Sariwon.

Unlike other Korean restaurants, Sariwon is into set menus vs eat-all-you-can.  The latest set menu that they have to date is the  De Luxe Grill Set for 4...

De Luxe Grill Set For 4
P2400/ P600 per head
1 Haemul Pajeon
1 gyeranjjim
1 Doenjang Chigae
4 white rice

Unlimited Side Dshes or ban chan

200 g Yangneyeom Galbisal

150 g Yangnyeom Tohsisal

130 g Tohsisal
Hanging Tender

 250 g Yangnyeom Woo samgyup


More than a satisfactory meal for a budget of P600 per person. I counted a total of  730 grams of  quality beef. Each person will get  182.5 grams  of  protein with their pajeon, gyeranjjim (egg dish), soup , rice and unlimited side dishes.

The marinated beef were standouts for  me. I love my meat sweet like barbecue. We specifically told our server Joven  our preferred doneness -  medium rare.  The meat  served were really tender and moist. I wrapped mine in lettuce with soy bean paste , garlic and kimchi...yum!

I also enjoyed the pajeon which was not oily  unlike previous pajeon Ive tasted before. I loved the surprise heat in the  soup.

I commend the servers especially Joven who was patient, attentive, cheerful and knowledgeable about Sariwon's food.

Quality vs quantity? Set Menu vs Eat-All-You-Can ?

It is really up to you. As for me, I can only eat so much protein. I would like to indulge but not to the point of sacrificing the  enjoyment of the meal because I am more concerned about getting my money's worth which becomes the mindset in a buffet or eat-all-you-can .

But that's just me.  Check out Sariwon for yourself and let me know what you think ... :)

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