Monday, October 29, 2018

19th Ramen Nagi

The 19th store and first and only concept shop in the world is now in One Bonifacio High Street...

Black Logo designed by Chef Ikuta
Last October  29, we attended the media launch  and met Chef Ikuta and Chef Riyoichi for the first time

" We noticed that the Philippines is very strong in  terms of popularity and the number of branches. Because of that I had to show my thank you by creating a  place for my ramen that is glorious with images of environment for people to enjoy their ramen in a golden way..."
"Its my way of saying thank you to the Filipino fans of Nagi for really loving my creation. Thank you Philippines for all the support you have given "
                                                                                                                   - Chef Ikuta
                                                                                                                      President & Founder

"....every new shop,  better and delicious ramen "

                                                                                                            -Chef Riochi  Josh Nishio
                                                                                                                Executive Vice President

open kitchen on the right
It was the first concept shop envisioned and designed by Chef Ikuta.  The new store  combines Japanese minimalism and open-design foregoing barriers. The result is an unfettered and uncluttered vibe which is pleasing to the eye and directly opposite   the  usual bold dramatic red theme that Ramen Nagi is known for

  • Founder : Chef Ikuta Satoshi
  • 2006 , The year it all began
  • Fukuoka, birthplace of Ramen Nagi
  • The first ramen store in the world to serve a different Ramen  a day for 365 days
  • pioneer of omotenashi sheet -  customized or bespoke ramen was born. 
  • only 200 bowls per day were  prepared.
Fan girling with Chef Ikuta

Truffle King Ramen
special sauces in the bowl, choice of pork belly or shoulder,
vegetables on top, freshly shaved black truffle, a dollop of fire sauce 
to give the ramen a bit of a kick

The broth was pork based so unlike the fish broth base that is served in Fukuoka. It was nonetheless  no less exquisite with  the truffle elevating the flavors  a notch. Every spoonful of that broth, the shaved truffles, the al dente noodles and the melt-in-your mouth belly was a sublime experience

Szechuan King Ramen

Available only from November 1 to 15 at this 19th store in One Bonifacio High Street,  noodles are tossed in pink paste and chilis ( which were being cooked prior) were put on top as garnish. Ramen afficionados who liked their  ramen spicy and hot will be delighted with this bowl of hotness.

Other dishes served....

There was Chicken Karaage P250, Gyoza P220,  Pork Katsu Roll P295, salad to name a few.  Ramen Nagi is a favorite of the family so the side dishes are familiar and delicious as expected


Amazing how this all started 5 years ago with the opening of just one branch. Now averaging a little more than 3 stores a year, it just opened its 19th branch and first ever concept store in the world. Just goes to show how Filipinos warmly embraced Nagi in its arms.

Chef Ikuta is a character himself. It is really difficult not to like this amazing Chef, Founder and President of  Ramen Nagi. He was genuinely warm and approachable despite the language barrier.

Looking forward to the 20th store which is set to open soon.

In the meantime do take note that the Truffle Ramen King  is available only at this particular branch until December. The Szechuan King can also only be ordered in this branch and will be saying goodbye by November 15.

Hope you guys get to taste the two awesome Ramen before they bid sayonara to everyone.

RAMEN NAGI  19th store is located at level 2 One Bonifacio High Street Mall 28th corner 5th BGC Taguig

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