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Did you know...?

* Per Google, OKTOBERFEST was originally a wedding celebration 200 years ago when  Bavaria's Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese.  It was a grand event celebrated over many days with bouts of drinking, eating, dancing and horse racing. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much , it became an annual celebration

* The first  OKTOBERFEST  was held in Munich Germany specifically in Theresienwiese  a  meadow named in  honor of the bride Princess Therese

* Is it really held in tents ?  Stories say that tents were erected to keep Ludwig and Therese out of the sun. The tents used nowadays though are   huge and  structurally sound with facades in different hues and wooden tables and benches inside.

* What are LEDERHOSEN and DIRNDL?  Dirndl is  a traditional Bavarian dress with skirt , apron and tight bodice. Lederhosen literally "leather breeches" are worn by the menfolk of  Bavaria. It would be great to wear either on the Oktoberfest  itself but it is not really required.


A 112 year old membership club in Manila,  German Club Manila President Tobias Rast is happy to partner  with Solaire in hosting the biggest and most authentic party in the Philippines. 

2018 marks  the club's 80th anniversary for the Oktoberfest. It will be the first time for German Club Manila and Solaire to partner for a huge celebration such as this. It promises to be a grand, most authentic and definitely enjoyable Oktoberfest
Leftmost Solaire's Chef Michael Dinges. Second from right, German Club President Tobias Rast.Rightmost  VP Food and Beverage  Bastian Breuer
The Oktoberfest celebration will  happen on October 4-6 Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to 2am and will be held at a 2400 sq meter OKTOBERFEST TENT, entrance of which will be  at The Gallery (ground floor of The Shoppes)

Expect 25,000 liters of wheat beer and Oktoberfest beer from WEIHENSTEPHAN (the world's oldest brewery), traditional Bavarian food ie  sausages, pretzels, schnitzel, etc prepared by Solaire's German Chef no less. There will also be lucky draws and games.

The Media Launch Menu
Flatlay by @johnbunag


Bread Basket
Oven-fresh German Breads,
laugen, pretzels, butter

Munich-style Sausage Salad
Lyoner sausage, pickled cucumber,
red onions, chives

German Potato Salad
Marinated Kipfler potatoes
bacon, onions, parsley

German cold cuts  & Cheese Platter
Landjeeger, Black forest ham,farmer's ham, meat loaf,
liver spread, mountain cheese, Bavaria blu cheese
and grape skewers, obatzda, red radish

Sausages and Main Course

Munich-style poached veal and pork sausage,
sweet mustard

Spaetzle Pan
Home-made noodles, cream,
mountain cheese, crispy onion

Home-made sausage sampler
Grilled  coarse pork sausage, veal sausage,
Swabla red bratwurst, kaenekrainer
sauerkraut, roasted potatoes

Bavarian Meat Platter
Crispy pork knuckles, pork schnitzel,
meat loaf,  rotisserie chicken,
bread dumpling, onion jus


Classic Strudel
Apple & Walnut Strudel
vanilla sauce, ice cream

Shredded pancakes, rum raisin
berry compote, vanilla sauce

Games and Prizes
Games and prizes await during the 3 day Oktoberfest Celebration. As a sneak preview to the grand event,  we experienced first hand the fun games that one can enjoy during the actual event.

5 gentlemen volunteers gamely joined the endurance contest for want of a better term haha. With straight arms holding a huge mug filled with Bavarian beer, whoever holds the beer the longest without spilling a drop wins a voucher from  Solaire. It took almost 10 minutes, but soon a winner was declared! Congratulations Harvard!  

It was the ladies' turn. But this time around, there was a time limit and the mugs were smaller. The last ladies standing where Tina Punzal and Bianca Termulo. Congrats ladies !

Part two for the ladies was a beer drinking contest. There were more than 6 beautiful ladies who joined. With a go, they started chugging their beer. But lo and behold,  one lady did the bottoms up before 10 seconds were up. Amazing! haha


The finale for the event was the raffle draw. The major prizes were 1) 4 tickets to Oktoberfest   2) 6 tickets  to Oktoberfest

Yay the grand winner EBOY M. DONATO was from our table. He won 6 tickets to Oktoberfest for October 4. Each ticket costs almost P5,000. Runner up was Diane of  @yayornayph.

Congratulations to all the winners.


A fun day indeed celebrating an event that is more than 100 years  old sans the cost of plane fare and hotel accommodation. Bring your friends and family.

Book your tickets now at Solaire or at ticketworld.

Thank you Solaire for having us and   @almacala1976, @boyeatworldph and @zomatoph for the invite.

with Solaire's Chef Michael Dinges and German Club President  Tobias Rast

  • Ticketworld - .Tickets from ticketworld will be exchanged at the entrance for German Club tickets
  • German Club - Guests can buy tickets in their office located at 5F Penthouse, Eurovilla II Bldg. 118 VA Rufino Street Legaspi Village Makati. You may reach them at or 8184236
  • Solaire guests and solaire rewards members can also get tickets at Solaire Box Office/Ticketworld counter which is open from 12 noon to 9pm daily.
  • Tickets will also be available during the event.

Note :
  • Free parking is available. It is recommended to park at the Theater Car Park. Valet parking is also available
  • Solaire rewards members can enjoy free shuttle service to  and from SM MOA and Solaire.


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