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Love is in the air @PROVIDORE

Delightfully surprised to find out that Providore is a home grown brand and part of the Raintree Restaurants which include Saboten, Chelsea Kitchen, Museum Cafe, Simple Lang, Stella Rocket Room, Terraz, Chotto Matte/ Izakaya Sensu and Chacha's

I simply love its open facade that is so welcoming to first time visitors like myself. The ambiance is casual but elegant. There is a homey feel to the restaurant brought about by the huge display of artisanal bread and chalkboard menu.

A huge display case of libations, condiments and home produce is at the center of the restaurant.

Yesterday was a study in foodgasmic adventure by Providore. We were told to order ala carte and select our personal choice from their menu.. It was a difficult task because everything looked good. But we were able to wade through our selections so that no two persons ordered the same dish . We all decided to share so that each one can taste all 10 dishes ordered.

Of course, the adventure will not be complete without having a taste of  the famous LOVE BURGER, the star of the Love Month not only at Providore but in other Raintree Restaurants as well.


I have never eaten a Love Burger before, have you? It is heart shaped and
colored almost a deep salmon pink.   It was actually a fun concept which grabs your attention.
More than the aesthetics though, the brioche alone is worth its price tag. 
I am very particular about my bread. So  a dry brioche can easily ruin a burger
for me even if the beef patty was perfect. 
Good thing Providore loves making good bread made from scratch on 
the premises. The pink brioche was almost flaky in texture and had
a fine crumb which I liked a lot. It went well with the delicious juicy burger patty.

Catch the LOVE BURGER from February 5-28 at the 4  Raintree restaurants below :

Check out our ala carte choices below:

Flatlay by @johnbunag


Imagine  creamy fresh avocado vs. crispy bacon,
the bold-sour-moldy-tangy-sharp-rich bleu cheese,
the sweet and citrusy dried cranberries,
the crunchy toasted walnuts,
the bitter green arugula and the crunchy fresh greens,
all rounded up together by the buttermilk ranch dressing.
This is one good salad with good portions I intend to order again
on my next visit to Providore.


Unlike the cubed salpicao I am used to, Providore's Salpicao is treated like steak.
You may request the server for your preferred doneness ie rare, medium rare, well done.
The Salpicao served to us was medium well at least that's how it tasted to me.
I prefer medium rare. But this salpicao was still tender and succulent
despite being medium well. Loved the sweetness of the roasted garlic too.
This will be perfect with cups of rice.


I enjoyed the creamy spinach pilaf. The prawns were  a good size and really fresh and succulent.
The baby  squid were tender and moist. The fish were melt in your mouth. The garlic-parsley-white wine-butter rounded up all the flavors together to make one sublime experience.
Will order this again


Those who love their food deep fried will love this. Chicken ala Kiev is a dish where chicken 
fillet is pounded then coated with eggs and bread crumbs 
then rolled around some filling normally butter and parsley.
Providore's version has the perfect crunch outside while letting us enjoy 
the moistness  of the chicken inside brought on by the herb butter filling.
One order comes with yummy fries, salad and rolls.
Special mention to the freshly baked  rolls which are D I V I N E

Omg , the waffles were to die for. They were crunchy and chewy at the same time. 
That bacon maple syrup is worth its weight in gold
Reminiscent of  Kettle's Buttermilk Chicken, Providore's version does not miss
a note as well.  Chicken was crispy and juicy. I loved the sausage gravy.
The combination of salty and sweet and crispy and chewy is more than I can take.
This was so good! Providore please be open at 7am so I can drag
the hubby and the piggery in your resto for breakfast.
This is a perfect 5/5 for me. Love it!

Note though that you wont find this in Providore's menu.
It is a special dish that  can be ordered though. Just request from your server


The beef short ribs were melt -in-your-mouth delicious. The thin layer of fat was
sinful and scrumptious. The burnt corn and bell pepper chimichurri was the perfect
foil to temper the richness of the short ribs. Although I loved how creamy the mashed potatoes were , I am pretty sure  our "piggery" would order extra cups of rice for this hahaha


Love love bread. I can forego other carbs including pasta. But bread is simply something
I have no will to resist specially when its made from scratch and baked  fresh 
Conversely,   stale-commercial bread can easily ruin the meal for me.
Good thing I found my match in Providore. Im in bread heaven.
Their dinner rolls were a mouthful literally and figuratively.
Drenched in garlic-parsley-butter, they were SUBLIME.
That's it uwian na . May nanalo na hahaha


This was easily one of my favorite dish. Aside from being  a bread-person, I am also
a cheese-fiend.  This dish had all the cheese I wanted. It had cheese
pimiento cream, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and  house cured smoked bacon
The portion was generous as well for its price.
The only downside was all that carbs.
Enjoy this sinful treat on  your cheat day hahaha


 I took a bite of the beautiful dessert and it was soft and fluffy so like a  chiffon cake.
The ube glaze and ube butter cream were delicious.
This is one dessert I would like to order again


It was frosted with what looked like boiled marshmallow icing. Cake inside
was fluffy and soft as well like chiffon.
Garnish on top were toasted coconut strips.
Another winning dessert by Providore.


What a way to experience PROVIDORE for the first time. The restaurant pulled out all the stops to make sure that we enjoyed their delicious food. Their confidence was impressive. We ordered ala carte spontaneously. There was no prepared roster of  meals for tasting.

My favorites were  chicken and waffles, the Providore Salad,  cast iron garlic dinner rolls, the seafood skillet and rice,  baked macaroni pimiento and 4 cheese gratin,  the love burger, truck stop pork chop, short beef ribs and the desserts. In other words, practically all the dishes served hahaha

Price was reasonable considering the quality of ingredients
and the serving size

Service was cheerful and attentive.

Location was convenient.
Providore is easy to find at the ground floor of SM Aura in Taguig
across Uniqlo.

Thank you  Ms. Michele Magtoto of  Providore for having us and  @johnbunag and  @teamkaladkarin for the invite.

Definitely coming back with the piggery in tow

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