Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sensory Overload in COFFEE PROJECT Libis

Funny,  despite the fact that Coffee Project has to date more than 25 branches,  I have not been to any one of them until today.

Do not get me wrong. I have been itching to give it a go for the longest time especially since most of my friends have already tried it and had nothing but raves for their coffee experience. But somehow I never got around to it

So imagine my excitement when I received an invite from @johnbunag and @teamkaladkarin  last week  for a foodie meet up here  today . Yay!

First off,  the place was huge! Coffee Project is situated just a few steps away from All Home Supermarket at E.Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Libis QC which used to house Shopwise Supermarket.

Note  the  facade of the edifice. I counted  a total of 3  bicycles. One hoisted on the wall below  the logo of Coffee Project and two more above the concrete awning  on the main  entrance.

I asked Ms. Jessica (Marketing of Coffee Project) what the significance of the bikes were. She said basically its a favorite adornment on all branches of  CP regardless of the theme. Yes each of the more than 25 branches of CP boast of different interior design. So be ready to be amazed when you visit all branches

Now how to describe the ambiance of this branch?

Aviary.  That was my first thought. It reminds me of a beautiful Aviary.  The lofty ceiling, those wire mesh everywhere, bird cage,  indoor garden feels, faded brick walls .

Clearly Coffee Project  pulled out all the stops to come up with interiors that do not only awe and evoke warmth and coziness but  veers away from the predictable  generic look usually sported by big internationally franchised coffee competitors.

Note the whimsical  coffee bean on the  faded red brick wall and some hand painted sayings and prints. They went well with the  chevron wood flooring .  The wire mesh accent continues under the table.

Check out the view from the second floor landing. Note the mesh structure below....aviary-feels.

Focus your attention on the bike hoisted on the wall,  the greens and the predominantly wood decor.

Leather sofas on the second floor, chevron wood floor continues and so does the warm brick. The huge coffee mug sign gives the 2nd floor a NY hip vibe

So much for the interior. Let's discuss the coffee and the food.

Apple Streusel Frappe P165
Rich and creamy vanilla cream base with apple syrup. real almond
streusel  for texture then topped with strawberry  whipped cream and almond streusel
Two words  - refreshing and delicious! 

Rich and creamy vanilla base, sweet banana puree, peanut butter syrup,
real peanut butter, whip cream, banana puree drizzle

They had me at peanut butter. Sorry Im a simple person just give me something with
peanut butter and  Im sold. No questions asked. This is one amazing cold drink.
Easily one of my favorites

Cookie Crumble
It was perfectly chocolatey, rich and delicious just the way
I like it.

Vietnamese Latte
Strong coffee with just the right amount of sweetness

Penne was al dente. The sauce was a bit spicy. The taste was a confusing
gamut of sweet  sourness from the tomato and heat from the sausage
which did not marry well together

I liked this better than Sausage and Garlic pasta.
Pasta was al dente. Loved the pesto and the meaty
shitake mushroom

Reminiscent of our local leche flan, I called it Pinoy Cheesecake.

Coffee project came out with two items you may want to purchase . Just ask the cashier.


I am glad I went to Coffee Project finally.  CP hit the proverbial nail on the head  and one-upped their competitors with their strategy of attacking  all senses. Im actually overjoyed because I love supporting home grown brands.

It truly was a sensory overload experience visiting this CP QC East branch in Libis . Their coffee and pastries were nothing to sneeze at either especially that Banana Peanut Butter Frappe and the Salted Caramel Cheese Cake.  The pastas are predictably not their strongest point as far as the two pastas we have tasted are concerned . Can not wait to return and try other items in their menu.

Definitely becoming  a regular habitue of Coffee Project from now on.

Thank you for having us Coffee Project and for the invite @teamkaladkarin and @johnbunag.

Coffee Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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