Monday, October 16, 2017

Shabu Shabu @Shaburi

Our "piggery" is always  at the back of  my mind when I  receive invitations to explore new restaurants.  I tick off questions such as 1) Is it  something new and interesting?  2) Will the portions be enough for the piggery? 3) Is it  value for money?

Yesterday was one of  those foodie meet ups I was excited about. Its been a long time since my shabu shabu meal and all I remember of that experience was how expensive it was and how much complaints I heard from the piggery at how hungry they were after ....poor piggery.

Shaburi looked promising. I'm feeling positive I found the shabu shabu place that would meet the piggery's requirements. After all it was buffet. Surely an eat-all-you-can-spread  will fill up the piggery satisfactorily.

The restaurant looked bright and cheery. The buffet spread was at the center and dominated the space.

What we enjoyed :

Regular Shabu Adult P549 Child P350
90 minutes only

Unlimited for 90 minutes :  


Gyudon with rice
Udon Carbonara
Chicken wings
Corn balls
Miso Soup
Two kinds of Sushi

Garnshes for the soup 

All you see in the buffet table which includes
All greens
All vegetables
Two types of noodles

Desserts :
Creme brulee
Chocolate mousse
Ice Cream

Drinks :

Iced Tea
Chocolate drinks

Tasty beef
Tender Pork

2. Only one choice of  Meal Package for the  whole table. 
Ask servers for clarification

Sushi is free with the buffet price

Unlimited chicken wings and balls
Vat-full Gyudon

Unlimited Gyudon

After all those appetizers, you can now start  your shabu shabu. Choose from the vegetables in the buffet table.

Unlimited Soup garnishes 

Unlimited herbs ad spices

Choose from 5 types of broth :1) Paitan Chicken 2) beef pepper 3) Hot Miso 4) Sukiyaki 5 ) Original konbu (not in pic).  You can choose your preferred soup and are allowed 1 refill of the same. If you still want more after the second refill you have two options. Pay extta for another refill P125 or free refill of seaweed soup.

Just like having  a sip of  wine before making  your choice of grape, you can request for a taste of all 5 broths to help you make your final choice. Just ask your server. They are more than willing to assist you.

I chose the chicken paitan or chicken collagen paitan broth for beautiful skin hahaha. Just turn on the oven and as soon as it boils you can start your shabu shabu

Induction oven
Choose from a plethora of greens, vegetables, noodles and spices for your broth.

Unlimited TastyBeef and Pork for 90 minutes only

When you cook your meat, just weave it in and out of the boiling broth ( called shaburi) and lift it out as soon as it changes color. Dip it in your bespoke sauce while drinking the broth with all its vegetable garnishes.

Option for additional plate of WAGYU Beef at an additional fee

Off Menu Seafood option at P170 per plate

Creme brulee and chocolate mousse
Zomato Foodies 

Summary :

Was it something new and interesting ? Yes, it was for me and will be for the piggery
Are the portions enough for the piggery?  Oh yes! Just mind the 90 minute rule
Was it value for money ?  For only P599 per person, YES.

Verdict : Definitely coming back with the piggery in tow.

4th Level, Uptown Place Mall
38th Street Corner 9th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Open from 10am to 10 pm
02 2469072, 211

Shaburi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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