Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Finding Barcelona in Barcino

Barcino (Barsino)  , equivalent of Barcelona  in Latin.

Inspired by that vibrant city, the menu in this restobar were all carried over from the    culinary landscape of   that region in  Spain.

Less than a year ago Barcino was bought by Mr. Martin Lorenzo  of  the  Pancake House fame under Restaurant Concepts Group Inc. (RCGI). They acquired  Barcino from a group of  Spanish businessmen who have been  behind this restaurant for close to a decade. At that time, there were only 7 branches of Barcino.  To date just a year after, 3 branches were added to the roster and a few more opening before the year ends.

Barcino Vertis North Branch is  not even one month yet and just opened last September 22.  The vibe was cozy  with its colorfully tiled floors, brick walls, wooden tables  with black and white mosaic top, wicker chairs and deep green couches. One wall is lined with racks and racks of bottles of wine all from Spain.

A small bar can be found in front with a  leg of serrano ham from Spain ,  a  drool-worthy focal point.  The servers can slice portions for you upon request.

What Pigoutsundays loved during last Wednesday 's (October 11) lunch fest  :



Coca de Sardinas P275
Baked unleavened bread dough popularly prepared in Catalonia during fiestas. 
Toasted flat to crispiness topped with spanish sardines, roasted vegetables and
 drizzled with olive oil and sriracha

This dish was pleasing to the eye. It looked rustic and home made which I liked. It was the perfect appetizer to tickle the taste buds. It was light and crunchy. The sardinas were quite delicious more so with olives and pimientos.  The eggplant provided the creamy texture.  This will be perfect with a glass of  Estrella Galicia beer.


Mejillones Pipirrana P225
 A cold and refreshing salad typically associated  with Andalusia. This is a nutritious medley of mussels, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers seasoned with olive oil and red wine vinegar

The presentation was simple but colorful.  Diced pieces of green and red bell pepper were a nice garnish to the fresh mussel underneath.  This is an ideal option for  the non-meat eaters. Do not forget  to squeeze some lemon over the whole dish before diving in.


Paella de  Rabo de Toro P795
Spanish paella with ox til beef stew cooked in red wine and topped with
grilled asparagus and beef slices.

I loved the socarrat/ crunchy parts at the bottom of the paellera. The asparagus provided a nutty finish to the whole dish. The beef  was scrumptious and tender.

Pimienteos del Piquillo Rellens de Carne P325
Piquillo red bell peppers stuffed with ground beef topped with
creamy paprika bechamel sauce and grated cheese

Those who love cheese will enjoy this dish. The stuffed bell peppers were practically swimming in  bechamel sauce and grated cheese.


Mejillones Tigre Rellenos P295
Fried golden brown mussles stuffed with creamy battered bechamel
 are Spanish tapas native to the north.

Underneath all that deep fried batter is a fresh and succulent mussel. The combination of that fat mussel  with crunchy toppings and bechamel sauce was divine. Per Ms. Ruby Bautista (Marketing Director), all their seafood are sourced fresh locally

Croquettas Pollo Y Jamon  P305
Home made croquettes with chicken and serrano ham

Another addicting starter, the potato croquettes were crisp. The serrano ham and chicken inside the croquette were a delight .


Salpicon de Pulpo Y Gambas P550
A salad medley of onion, parsley, red and green bell peppers with chopped octopus
and tiger prawns seasoned with red wine vinaigrete dressing

It was like eating a less acidic and less liquidy ceviche except that the octopus and prawn were coooked and diced. I loved the mouthfeel of  both octopus and prawn. They were meaty and went well with the crunch of the bell peppers.

Paella Negra  P580
Paella rice cooked with squid ink, topped with squid rings and alioli

The best paella negra I have tasted to date.  Scraped the bottom again for the socarrat (aka tutong) where the flavors are concentrated. The squid were tender  complemented beautifully by the  aioli,

Callos a la Madrilena P570
Stewed madrid-style with chorizo beef tripe and chickpeas
The sauce was red with tomatoes and other herbs. The  chorizo and beef tripe were tender and quite delicious. Do not forget to mop the dish with the baguette provided.

Crema Catalana P210
Catalan's creamy custard topped with burnt brown sugar
The Spanish version of the French Creme Brulee and the Pinoy Leche Flan,  this crema catalana was indeed creamy and silky. The burnt brown sugar cut through the cloying sweetness of the custard.

Beer - Estrella  Galicia

Summary :

Spain has always been in my travel  bucket list. Calling handsome hubby ! hahaha.  The Barcino experience made the itch all the more pronounced.

I love the restaurant's ambiance. I feel at home in all Barcino branches including this one. Although it is still in its soft opening ( barely a month old) , the service is exceptional.

All in all it was indeed quite a delightful journey of the senses when you eat at Barcino. It remains a favorite.

Barcino for  now. Hasta luego Barcelona

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