Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bugsy's Bar and Bistro

Fortunate to have been invited to a Food Meet Up (FMU) anew courtesy of Zomato   and Bugsy's Sports Bar and Bistro in BGC.

Personally, it was quite the perfect opportunity because I have been
wanting to try this restaurant for the longest time but never quite got around to doing it.

At first glance,  the facade and the posters outside seemed to indicate that this is more of a drinking place that comes alive at night. and therefore perfect for the night owls.

Happy to know that they do cater to the lunch crowd as well.

Here were the dishes that were served to us this afternoon :

1. Home-made potato chips P 225. The chips were crunchy and  addicting. They were not kidding when they said it was home-made. They were perfectly seasoned and you can eat it as is  because even without the dip it was delicious!

2. Chicken Skin Chicharon P225.  -  It was so good, my arteries  protested.

3.Roasted Bone Marrow with Roast Beef Drippings  P375

Slow roasted bone marrow served with home made roast beef and garlic bread.

Buttery-melty  ambrosia! Just be sure to eat them  fast as it tends to curdle quickly. You can request the servers to warm it up for you when that happens. Service is very good here. This dish can feed 2-4 people.

4. Ultimate Cheese Sampler P495

This one is a carb-monster.  You have 2 bbq chicken  sliders,  2 cheesy bacon bruschetta ,  thick Mozzarella cheese sticks , mac and cheese with garlic bread.  This can feed  2-4 people. Love the cheese. Love the bread.

5. Garlicky Shrimp Pizza P425.

Interestingly enough this is one pizza that is not baked  in an oven. It was grilled instead. This type of cooking method lent a smoky flavor to the whole dish which was actually quite delicious.

6. Bugsy's Burger  P325

The patty was thick, juicy and flavorful. The chips were addicting. The piggery will love this dish. The size would just be right for them.

7. The Bugsy Siegel  P995

USDA Angus rib eye 1 inch thick minimum 400 grams, grilled to your preference. Served with mash potatoes, green beens and red wine sauce.

The   meat was unbelievably juicy and so tender. The mash was very good as well. This would be perfect with a glass of red wine.

8. Buffalo Tenders P275

Crispy strips of boneless chicken fried  to perfection  then tossed with a secret buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese dip. This is one tasty dish with a little kick.

9. 3 Cheese Truffle  and Bacon Pizza P435

Grilled Pizza topped with marinara sauce, roasted garlic, basil pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese. YUM!

10.Chicken Alfredo P395

Pasta was al dente. Sauce was creamy and delicious. Chicken tenders provided the texture.

11. Grilled Tuna Belly P435

For a few seconds there, I thought they were boneless ribs.  I love how red and inviting the dish was. Sad that the tuna belly was a bit dry though

12.Classic Kare-Kare P245

The Chef was proud to relate that even the peanut that they used was not the bottled kind.  They did not do any short cuts here.  They cooked the kare-kare the old fashioned way without any kare-kare mix. It tasted amazing!  They even made their own bagoong!

13.Filling Arroz Caldo P245

The portion was generous and the congee delicious! They did not scrimp on the chicken. This is one of my favorite dish. This is perfectly seasoned. No need for fish sauce or calamansi

14.Grilled Pork Chops P445

Two  thick slices of  beautiful pork chops.  The portions were generous and the meat well seasoned.

15.Roast Pork Belly P385

The pork skin was crispy and crunchy.  Again portions were generous for its price.

16. Chicken Rosemary P375

The chicken was a bit on the bland side.


Mojito P185,   Absolute Lemonade P185, Amaretto Sour P185

The drinks were refreshing but packs a punch because of the alcohol. Bar habitues will love these drinks. Happy hour is from 3 -10pm . Check out their website or facebook page for more details

Summary :

All in all, I was  pleasantly surprised. 

Food was  delicious. Portions were generous. Prices were generally reasonable . Service was good. Location is very accessible.

If  there is an issue I would like them to address , that would be their smoking area. Their whole ground floor is their smoking area. In fairness it is enclosed. The non-smoking area is on the second floor.  It can become a concern though if the non-smoking area is fully booked. If this is the case, they have tables outside the premises.  to accommodate you. It will be a little uncomfortable though with the heat or the rain.

Having said that, Im looking forward to  bringing the whole family here to enjoy Bugsy's for lunch.  I Will try their dessert too  on our next visit.

Thank you Mr. Paolo of Bugsy's   for the amazing spread and for  China of Zomato for inviting us

Bugsy's Bar & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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