About this blog

My personal adage, slogan, battle cry, catchphrase, apophthegm, byword, sentiment, shibboleth, motto ( etc. you get the picture ) ....................... WHY NOT?

How I view the world?:  Half-full ( vs half-empty)

Why create this page???

Hmm, I am thinking about it while I was kneading the dough for my fam's whole wheat baguette about 5 minutes ago. Amidst the smell of the "polish" (fermented yeast) and the icky feel of it underneath my finger ( really gross -- its cold to the touch, it's sticky and it feels "alive"!!!... LOL)...

Anyway, I digress... Here are my Why nots(?)

1. Why not create a page as an outlet for my writing/baking/cooking/blogging frustrations...? LOL

2. Why not share my family's love of discovering new places to dine in?

You can find us at restaurants, bistros, food court, fast food, cafes, etc (almost without fail) every weekend anyway.

3. Why not regale/torture you with details of my attempts ( successful or epic fail) at recreating the dishes our very discerning (to put it mildly) piggery ( aka our 4 kiddos ) raved about that particular day...?

Why not indeed?