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When is it okay to dine in ?

When is it okay to dine in?

Missing the experience of dining in with friends and loved ones, here are a few tips to keep it safe

Like it or not, the global COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered our lives as we know it.  WFH, quarantine , zero social interaction , mask & face shield for ootd are just among a few of the changes that  we continue to grapple with and adjust to.

This is why enjoying dining in a place other than our homes  when lockdowns are relaxed is a welcome respite  from our restricted reality. 

However, just because restrictions are eased, does not mean that we can let down our guard against Madame Covid and her posse  which include Miss Delta et al. The freedom to go outside and eat out carries risk that we can overcome while keeping safe. 

Sharing some tips from East West Credit Card  to keep you safe and healthy when dining out:

Get vaccinated as soon as possible

This goes without saying—getting vaccinated is our best bet to protect ourselves from the worst effects of COVID-19.  Studies prove that vaccines are your best defense against it. Getting vaccinated protects yourself and your loved ones.

Try to dine al fresco as much as possible

You have been indoors too long. Enjoy the sun and breathe in fresh air. Free flowing air reduces the chance of catching the virus.

Go to restaurants with fewer people

Make sure you go to restaurants that strictly follow the mandated occupancy rate. You still want to minimize the risk of getting the virus, and the more people there are in a single place, the higher the chances are.

Wear a mask and a face shield Do not take off your mask unless you are ready to eat. As they say “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”

Practice social distancing and sanitization

Even when you’re vaccinated and wearing the right PPEs, it’s still best to practice social distancing and constant sanitization. Wash your hands before and after eating. For good measure spray some alcohol on your hands. Go ahead, dress up, put on some make up and spritz your favorite perfume. You are now ready to meet up with your favorite people and catch up over your favorite food.

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