Friday, June 11, 2021

Celebrate Independence Day with GrabFood

On the eve of our Independence Day, I thought it would be nice  to show support for our Pinoy restaurants in GrabFood by having our favorite Filipino dishes delivered today 🇵🇭


“Masarap. Dahil dumaan sa hirap”

The story of Andok’s began more than three decades ago at its first stall in West Avenue.

Flash forward to the present, it now has more than 300 stores all over.

Yes Sandy Javier the father of the litsong manok craze attributes their success to their core values - integrity, responsibility, hardwork, common sense, excellence, family, appreciation & lots of prayers.

Andok’s satisfies 3 of this mom’s requisite delivery a) affordable b) freshly cooked c) simple yet delicious


Nothing beats Cafe Mary Grace , when it comes to their luscious & drool worthy cakes. The piggery and the handsome hubby are obsessed with their Vanilla Bean Cake , Chocolate Truffle Cake & Strawberry Shortcake

Their savory offerings are amazing too. We love their Sirloin Tapa Silog & their Salad & Soup & Sandwich combo.

Amazing how it’s first store at Serendra in 2006 blossomed and grew into more branches in the metro not to mention its kiosks which we all see everywhere.

Kudos to the drive and entrepreneurial spirit of its owner and eponym Mary Grace Dimacali


“Fast. Satisfying. Uniquely Pinoy.”

I used to live in BF Paranaque & I recall how we would often say in jest , how we loved 24 hour S.E.X at President’s Ave. Sex of course referring to the portmanteau of  Sinangag EXpress haha.

Seriously their Sinangag Rice is something you will crave for every so often. Our fave then and now is their tapa. Pinoy na Pinoy, it is simple, affordable and  our comfort food

Other FILIPINO Restaurants at Grab Food

Of course other favorite Pinoy restos include Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Manam, Dencio’s, Max’s , etc.

Celebrate Independence Day with local color at Grab Food Ph

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