Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hello GrabKitchen Mix & Match Malate & Parañaque!

Yes! GrabKitchen Malate & Parañaque is now available! I felt adventurous earlier so ordered from different restaurants included in 
GrabKitchen Malate.

Loved the plethora of choices available at my fingertips and the money I saved from one delivery. Ordered pandesal from Merienda by Pan de Manila, Kani Salad from Omakase, Magnum Ice Cream from Selecta, Pita bread & Hummus from Go Salads & Pork & Shrimp Siomai from King Chef. Amazing!

Cravings satisfied with these restos😋 
Merienda by Pan de Manila
King Chef
Selecta Ice cream
Go Salads
Choose from 15 restaurants in GrabKitchen Mix & Match & enjoy your favorite food while paying only one delivery fee. What a treat!

Here are the participating restaurants in GrabKitchen Mix & Match Malate - 1. Go Salad 2. Omakase 3.Frankies 4.Recovery Food 5.Paper Moon 6.Yogorino 7.Pepi Cubana 8.Dapo at Tisa 9.King Chef  10.La Tita 11. Selecta 12. So Mot 13. Blu Kouzina 14. Coco Fresh Tea & Juice 15.Merienda by Pan de Manila

GrabKitchen Mix and Match Paranaque - 1.24 Chicken 2. Alishan at the Alley 3.Army Navy 4.Cara Mia 5. La Titas Mnl 6. Kyoto Sushi Bake 7. El Nacho Libre 8.Sheikh’s Kebab 9.Breakfast for 2  10. Pizza Telefono 
11. Black Kimchi 12. Selecta 14. Dapo at Tisa 15. Omakase

What are you waiting for? Give it a go and let me know how it turns out for you 😊

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