Thursday, July 9, 2020

Cheers to Life's Celebrations with Welch's Sparkling Rose'

Say hello to the newest sparkling drink in town - Welch's Sparkling Rose'.  It is everything you love about  Rose' wine without the alcohol.

"Yes, it's true! Welch' s Sparkling Rose is  100% non-alcoholic. It is the perfect way to make pregnant and breastfeeding women, non-drinkers, and anybody living a non-alcoholic lifestyle a part of the celebration," says Erika Rodriguez, VP for Marketing of GEMCo, the Philippine marketing agent of Welch's International.

106 days into quarantine, I personally love the thought that there is Welch's Sparkling Rose' to toast important milestones with. Love how it has the effervescence characteristic of sparkling wines sans the alcohol content. How delightful!

"What's more, its a health-conscious way to celebrate, since Welch's Sparkling Rose' has only 70 calories per serving. There are no added sugars too, ! " says Erika.

Enjoyed the refreshing and vibrant taste reminiscent of ripe summer fruit. Everyone can enjoy a glass while connecting with friends online.

Be in the pink of health while raising a glass or two of Welch's Sparkling Rose' and enjoy all the blessings life has to offer.

Welch's Sparkling Rose' is now available at Waltermart, Robinsons Supermarkets, and Landers. You can also have Welch's Sparkling Rose and other Welch's juices delivered to your home by visiting You may also place your order via, Lazmart, and

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