Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tapa King will satisfy your tapa cravings this quarantine

I can not help but feel a twinge of jealousy and frustration when I sneak a peek at how the piggery enjoys their food. They can eat as much as they want without gaining a pound while I seem to pile them up without so much of an effort. They were craving for tapa yesterday. It was almost time to replenish the pantry so my supplies are running low.  So it was Tapa King dinner last night.

Dinner delivery is becoming synonymous with challenge and patience ( loads of it)  in the new status quo aka the covid19 era,  so we had to order a little earlier than usual giving allowance for  more time to get a driver from Grab , Lala, or Food Panda.

Finally got a driver some two hours from the time we started getting a grab driver. Food arrived a little before 5 pm which was perfect for the IF program (intermittent fasting) I embarked on a little over a month ago

Tapa was sweet and flavorful just the way we want it.  It is with joy and awe that I watch the piggery demolish their dinner in no time. The quantity of food they consume is indirectly proportional to their physique. Lucky them haha

Handsome hubby ordered our favorite bangus or milk fish ( the country's national fish). It was crispy just the way we want it. While the piggery ordered either the King or Queen variant. Looked like all-day breakfast with the tapsilog theme which we love. 

Simple, flavorful, affordable. What's not to love? Plus it gives this mom a brief respite from the heat of the kitchen.

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