Monday, May 4, 2020

Quick, easy home-cooked meals by Honeybon Cafe Ready-To-Eat

"It's good to be home". Honeybon Cafe wants to make every slice and every bite feel like home no matter where you are.

Never has an adage been more appropriate to the current status quo than Honeybon Cafe's "It's good to be home"  tag line.

In an era where Stay Home, Social Distancing, Flattening The Curve, New Normal, ECQ, Quarantine are commonly-used phrases,  enjoying your favorite restaurant staples via delivery is the only option. Eating in restaurants is out while picking up or delivery is in
A few days ago  I tried these two ready to cook meals from Honeybon Cafe. It specializes in sweetly designed, home-baked cakes, and pastries.  A part of its menu also includes home-cooked ready-to-eat meals that are freshly made and packed daily. Honeybon Cafe is known for its Chocolate Decadence Cake which has been named one of  Philippine Daily Inquirer's Best Desserts.   Honeybon Cafe is owned by Reagan Tan who also owns Gringo and Tokyo Bubble Tea.

Sisig P240

The instruction on the Tupperware says to microwave for 5 minutes but I  just fried it on high heat. We want our Sisig crispy and crunchy.  I  transferred it to a small bowl before serving. You can choose to give it a dash of  Knorr seasoning, a sprinkle of calamansi, or even crack an egg on it before serving like you would your Sisig in the restaurant.

We ate it as is though, sans Knorr, calamansi or egg and it tasted wonderful.

Roast Beef P480

This time around I followed the instruction on the package and microwaved the Roast Beef for 5 minutes.

The dish tasted better than it looked. The gravy was amazingly flavorful with mushrooms. The roast beef was tender albeit a little fatty. 

Overall, for those prices, I would not mind ordering from Honeybon Cafe anew. Might just try their Frozen Easy-To-Cook Crispy Pata 1.5 kg for P620 next time.

Just visit their website for your orders. They do pick up and delivery. You can check them out too at IG @honeyboncafe

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