Sunday, May 3, 2020

Gringo's joins the foray into ready to cook meals

Fifty days into the quarantine, we are praying and hoping that we flatten the curve soon or more importantly come out with a vaccine that will eradicate the Covid19 virus once and for all. Wishful thinking I know, because vaccines take years to make. Oh well, one can just pray.

In the meantime, we continue on, seemingly transported to that era when homecooked meals rule and eating out a strange notion.

This is not bad. In fact, I'm actually enjoying and cherishing these rare moments of daily togetherness with the family. The only fly in the ointment is the fear of getting the virus.

The culture of dining out has become one of the casualties in the covid19 era. With social distancing and flattening the curve an imperative, the world has become suddenly smaller keeping any interaction restricted to the family nucleus. The less interaction with other human species the better.

Still hungover over from precovid19 restaurant predilection, we cling to our old ways via food delivery. Ready to cook or Ready to Eat has become the trending concepts in our new reality.

So tried @gringoph ‘s ready-to-cook Smokehouse Baby Back Ribs . * Following the 3 steps instructions on the pack... 1. I just boiled the ribs while inside the unopened plastic bag for 10 minutes 2. then I pan-fried the ribs to caramelize the surface a bit and give it a charred look. 3.I then sautéed the sauce to reduce it and poured it all over those yummy ribs * You can also baste the ribs with the sauce and grill it 😋😋😋 * Easy & scrumptious, I was done in less than 20 mins. * Perfect for those days you are in a rush or when craving for smoked baby back ribs. Price is at P750 or below P500 depending on the weight. * Order now at😋😋😋 * Use my code GRINGOPIGGINGOUT and get P50 off on READY-TO-COOK purchases until June 2 * Gringo’s Original deep-fried chicken is also in the Ready-to-Cook menu * Happy Sunday! * #welovetoeatph #gringosph #piggingoutonsundays #readytocook #gringoreadytocook #texmex #lunch #babybackribs #sundays #letseatpare #letscookpare #whattoeatph #wimyummy #yummyph #wheninmanila #dmfoodseries #ulamideas #supportlocal #stayhome #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing #lutongbahay
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Gringo's, a homegrown brand established some 4 years ago joins the foray of restaurants offering delivery or pick up services to survive. Precovid, it had 18 branches all over the metro. Gringo's is known for its TexMex cuisine that is at once familiar and popular to the Pinoy palate.

Yesterday, I was able to try their  Ready-to-Cook Smoked Barbecued Ribs. Will fry the Original Fried Chicken in the next few days.

What I loved about Gringo's Smoked Barbecue Ribs

First, the nonexistent mise en place. No preparation is necessary. No defrosting required. Just boil the pack ( bag and all) for 10 minutes and pan fry or grill after. There is a generous amount of marinade which you can reduce to become a dipping sauce. More than enough as well for basting if you are grilling. I suggest you keep the rest of the sauce for future use ie marinade and such

I pan-fried the three slabs of baby back ribs at high heat just to give it color. Then I set it aside. I then reduced a portion of the marinade in the same pan for sauce and poured it all over the 3 slabs of baby back before serving.

We all loved the ribs. They were scrumptious with hints of Mexican flavor. The meat could probably use more boiling time beyond the 10 minutes recommended if you want your ribs to be fall-off-the-bone tender. I'm not sure about the integrity of the plastic bag though if it goes beyond the prescribed period.

At any rate, the meal was wiped out in no time. I highly recommend you cook a lot of rice for this because "sauce pa lang ulam na"

To order just go to their website You can have it delivered or picked up.

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