Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Cook like a Ramen Chef with Ramen Nagi's Ramen Kit

Day 53 and I have stopped dreaming about cravings and food that are impossible to order. Why? It seems like all restaurants are now delivering and even offering ready to cook options. Case in point,  ramen, and Ramen Nagi.  

Perfect opportunity to channel my inner wannabe-ramen-chef.  I even have my mise en place all encased in that efficient-looking brown box with concise, clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Precovid19,   it was unheard of to take home ramen. Moreso with delivery.While in ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine,   food deliveries just replaced restaurant dining.  So even ramen can be delivered at home. Yay!


Last Sunday, I received two boxes of Ramen Nagi kits.  One is the Butao King Ramen Kit.  The second box, on the other hand, has the Gyoza package.

Upon opening the Butao King box,  I saw a complete set of ingredients necessary to make two servings of  Butao King. There was frozen Tonkotsu soup, ramen noodles, pork chasu, leeks and minced garlic, kikurage, and fire sauce.

1. Make the soup. Boil or microwave for 5 minutes or until it boils. I boiled mine

2. Cook the ramen noodles for 20 seconds in boiling water. Drain. 
Be mindful that you do not overcook your noodles. I personally would like my noodles hard. But the first time I boiled the noodles I exceeded the 20 second mark. Stay within the recommended time.

3. Blanch the toppings. Put Pork chasu, fire sauce,  kikurage  in hot water for 30 seconds while inside the plastic bag

kikurage – “black wood ear” mushrooms. kombu – wide, large type of sun-dried seaweed used for sushi and dashi. kotteri – literally “rich/thick”. A classification for ramen characterized by a heavier, more oily soup.

4. Optional : Add soft boiled egg. Cook egg for 7 minutes

5. Assemble 2 chef-inspired bowls.  Pour the broth equally into the two bowls. Divide cooked noodles and add al toppings.

Had fun pretending I was a Ramen Chef with @ramennagimanila ‘s Butao King and Gyoza Home Kit😋😋😋 * So easy to do! Just boil the tonkotsu broth. Boil the ramen noodles in another pan for 20secs. Blanche the pork chasu, onion leeks, kikurage for 30 secs in boiling water. Assemble in a bowl and voila! Butao King in the safety of your home! * Cooking gyoza was a breeze too. Just heat the pan . Add 1 T of oil. Put in the gyoza. Add a cup of water. Cover and let boil for 3 minutes. Open the lid and let the water evaporate . Add oil again and fry until brown. Saya & Sarap! * Ramen Nagi craving satisfied😋 * Just DM @ramennagimanila for your orders ❤️ * #ramen #cravings #japanesefood #ramennagimanila #ramennagi #myfavoriteramen #ramenkit #ramenchefathome #piggingoutonsundays #welovetoeatph #wimyummy #wheninmanila #forkspoonmanila #alwayshungryph #readytocookramen #stayhome #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve #covid19 @welovetoeatph @wimyummy #gyoza @myrandom.encounters @briesmum @crisibanez @gomanila @boyeatworldph @johnbunag
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I was able to take a photo of only one bowl as the other one was 'kidnapped' by the piggery before I could even take a snap of it.

The Butao King was amazingly delicious. Best bowl of ramen yet while in the safety of our home and quite easy to cook too! One order is P790 equivalent to two servings already. Gyoza is P890 (6 servings).

I can not wait to order the other variants soon.

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