Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saboten Specialty Menu

Privileged to have been invited last February to one of  Zomato Foodie Choice 2019 Restaurants. Saboten is one of the family's favorite Japanese restaurants and it is always a joy to dine there.

We tasted the following specialty menu..

Ginger Pork Shokayagi with Sweet Radish Steak Set P495

Tsuki (Moon) P775

One deep fried shrimp, 1 crab croquette, 1 rolled cutlet ( select from asparagus, cheese, plum)

Saboten Shabu Shabu 

Udon noodles, thinly sliced beef, shimeji mushrooms, daikon radish, cabbage, romaine lettuce spring onion with choice of chicken, ginger or spicy ryu oil broth.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Nanban Set P475

Hana (Flower) P695

If you are a carnivore, you will love this choice, Enjoy 1 tenderloin cutlet 50 grams and 1 loin cutlet 65 grams with all the side dishes.

Yuki (Snow) P795
Shrimp Katsu,  one rolled cutlet of choice (asparagus, cheese, plum), choice of pork loin or chicken karaage, rolled cheese cutlet in this case.

Sakura Jelly P120
Available from February 1-29

Overall, Saboten's Specialty Set Menu  were interesting as it was satisfying. For lovers of Japanese food such as my family, they were value for money. Carnivores such as my family would love Yuki or Snow or the Shabu Shabu with Udon noodles.

Congratulations Saboten for being  selected as one of the restaurants  in the Zomato Foodie Choice Awards 2019.

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