Tuesday, April 14, 2020


It was pre-covid era and although there were news items about Wuhan and its closure, the possibility was so remote then or so we told ourselves so we went about our normal routine without a care in the world.  Who new that less than a month later,  the metro (initially) then the whole island of Luzon eventually would be on a lockdown

My bosom friend from Maryland was on vacation and as was our tradition , we best friends from Ayala Life days bonded together over dinner in some restaurant we would like to explore. The trouble with being a foodie among friends, was that you are expected to recommend a restaurant that you have been to before.

I deviated from what was customary and decided that all four of us with our hubbies, experience a new restaurant together.

Enter Musashi.

The restaurant is located at Japan Town at The Top of The Glo and was the only restaurant at that area I have never tried. So you can imagine at the heightened anticipation I felt of sharing this new experience with my kumares and the handsome hubby.

The Assorted Sashimi platter was impressive. One can tell from the glistening slices of treasures from the sea that each item was of premium quality. I was already familiar with salmon and tuna sashimi so  focused my attention to the shrimp and scallop sashimi first.

Oh my they were sweet, succulent and gorgeous. The salmon roe rounded up all the flavors and textures quite nicely. Transported me to the Land of The Rising Sun briefly.

We also ordered mackerel, tempura, sushi, chicken teriyaki, unagi to name a few.

Musashi's food was really excellent. The only fly in the ointment was  it closes at mall hours. So at 10 pm, the servers courteously told us we had to go haha.

Oh well, must go there earlier next time

Washoku Musashi-Maru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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