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Foodie friends  described it as 'legendary' or part of their childhood memories.
There is something about Chinese restaurants with  decades-long-history  that intrigues and makes it imperative for this foodie-mom-of 4 to try  despite its distance from the family abode.

Surely 60 years of being in the business is  testament to how good their food is.  I  found out soon enough...

Ambiance. Casual, hole-in-the-wall vibe, frayed around the edges charm.

Rows of  red-linen-clad round tables, low ceiling, parquet floors, a huge mirror dominating one wall greeted us. It was a no frills restaurant  with nothing to distract you from the feast that was about to be served. Yes you go here for the food and not for the ambiance.

Origins.Per Justin Chang ( 3rd generation owner), Shantung is a province in China where the family patriarch or his grandfather hailed  from.

This branch in 98 West Avenue Philam Homes West Triangle, Quezon City is actually Shantung's 2nd store  after its Echague branch  went up in flames some 25 years past.

Comments from foodie friends  who grew up eating Shantung's food ranged  from adjectives such as 'legendary', 'authentic' and just heightened my anticipation for the food journey ahead.

We tried and enjoyed the following...

Assorted Cold Cuts P445
The portion is generous vis a vis the price. It is just the perfect starter to whet the appetite. If you are not into innards and  seaweed, just order the century eggs.
Shantung Fried Crispy Chicken Half P250
Long before the buttermilk chicken trend, there was Shantung Fried Chicken . Tender, juicy morsels of chicken that had crispy exterior yet  succulent interior were simple yet delicious. No wonder this is also one of the restaurant's best seller. 
Hot & Sour Soup P230 small, P295 medium
Perfect balance of sour and savory. The ideal starter to a traditional Chinese feast
Pata Tim P655 
Think melt-in-your-mouth pata swimming in a delicious sauce that begs for bowls of rice or several pieces of freshly-baked mantao bread that incidentally Shantung  makes from scratch

Pot Stickers 
Think gyoza. This  was also a great starter to jolt your taste buds awake
Salted Egg Pork
Tender and flavorful, this is an addicting dish that can be a starter or a main.
Steamed Dumplings 10 pcs p180
Freshly made upon order, the  'skin' had just the right thickness while the filling was scrumptious. Dip in soy with chili sauce....yum!

Shrimp Balls
One more delightful dish that is a must try. Dip in sweet & sour sauce or 
eat as is for starter or as main.

Overall. We must have tried more than 15 dishes. What stood out for me  were the Shrimp Balls, Fried Chicken, Pata Tim with made-from-scratch Mantou bread, Hot & Sour broth.

60 year old recipes, 3 generations of history,  freshly-cooked food,  authentic and delicious Chinese fare, affordable price - no wonder Shantung at 60 is still going strong.

Definitely returning with the handsome hubby and piggery in tow.

Thank you Spanky Enriquez for the invite

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