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"This very special recipe remained unchanged over the last 75 years. The fried chicken that we will eat today is the same fried chicken that was served 75 years ago..."  - Max's Restaurant Marketing Director Mark de Joya

Max's  Restaurant takes on the new year, the start of the decade and its 75th year in the business  with its new  Sarap-In-A-Bun  offering.

Per Mark de Joya, it took them a full 6 months to give birth to this reinvention of the classic Sarap-to-the-bones Chicken that made the brand Max's Chicken  a household name.

Per Mark, the idea was  to stay true to Max's roots ie sticking to the 75 year old formula that made Max's Chicken a legend.

From Sarap-to-the-Bones to Sarap-In-A-Bun 

Indeed, it was Sarap-To-The-Bones to Sarap-In-A-Bun  literally

Think Max's all time best selling kitchen minus the bone  seasoned and spiced the signature Max's way.  Of course the classic favorite will not be complete without the much loved banana ketchup and Worcestershire Sauce   drizzled over the chicken. Pickled  cucumbers and shredded cabbage generously distributed over Max's chicken sandwiched by two  brioche buns complete the picture

What PigOutSundays loved?

Let me discuss each ingredient first....

Plus points   how  chunky and juicy the boneless classic Max's thigh was. There was no breading nor embellishments.  It was indeed the iconic Max's Classic  chicken we came to know and loved.

Brioche bun was fluffy and a perfect alternative carb to showcase  Max's chicken in a different light. I understand from  Max's Restaurant Head Culinary R&D Chef Adrian Azurin  that the brioche were made from scratch.

The kamote fries were addicting - crispy outside while soggy inside.

The inclusion of coleslaw was just the right touch to give the whole dish some freshness and texture

However, although  each ingredient were delicious individually, the sauce that was supposed to bring  all of them together into one amazing classic Max's Chicken experience, missed the point.

The incorporation of the garlic mayo with  banana ketchup and worcestershire  sauce just did not work for me. Garlic mayo was just too strong drowning  the two key elements  (banana ketchup & worcestershire sauce) which were integral to the whole concept of  seamlessly  going from Sarap-To-The-Bones to Sarap-In-A-Bun.

Perhaps less of garlic mayo  or nixing this particular  condiment altogether would be better.

Price point is another concern. P249 seems a bit on the high side  considering I can buy my all time favorite Max's Basic  quarter chicken with rice  for less than P200

But that's just me. Why dont you try it and let me know how it turns out for you.

I for one am returning for another visit to give their Sarap-In-A-Bun  another go.

See you there!

Max's Restaurant is located at the ground floor in Glorietta 3 . There are currently over 200 branches of the brand all over the country.

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