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"Fireside focuses on grilled meat, grilled food, wood fire grill, thus the name..." 
- Chef Chiloy Santos

Fireside's new menu is an exciting prospect for the family simply because  the restaurant is our go-to place in BGC on those  rare Saturdays  when the piggery is complete

When you have 3 millenials and 1 Gen Z in the household , it becomes more and more difficult to gather them all together for a family bonding activity on weekends. Somehow though our bunso piglet- Luna (who is also a beagle hehe) , unwittingly becomes the glue and/or the reason to  bring us all together. After all our princess needs to do her 10k steps too not to mention hone her interpersonal skills with other furry amigas.

A couple of weeks or more ago together with some foodie friends , we had first dibs on Chef  Chiloy's new creations....

Roasted Corn Chowder  P165
rich and creamy corn soup,peppers, potato, celery
Lots of smokey flavor from the grilled corn which was also roasted in wood fire for good measure. Think clam chowder without the clams and chicken broth in lieu of  sea food. Loved how crunchy the chunks of vegetables were. Of course the sourdough bread is the perfect bowl to eat it from. Ask for butter to slather the  bread with and dunk it on that creamy pool of  comfort soup.

Can you believe that price? Wow!

BBQ Pork Sisig P185
sauteed  bb, pork chunks, jalapeno peppers, red pepper and green onion couli

Your chance to try the pork version of their best selling brisket sisig which is a little pricey. This one is just under P200. Rice please!

Meat & Cheese Board P575
chorizo, salami, house made honey ricotta, brie, manchego, cranberries baguette chips

Love that Fireside makes their own ricotta. The salami is from Australia, the chorizo from Germany, the manchego from Spain . This would be the perfect pair with the restaurant's Wines of the World promo (see below)

Wild Mushroom & Quinoa Salad P499
sauteed assorted mushrooms, quinoa, red rice, grilled chicken, mango, peppers, ricotta, eggplant, arugula, roasted garlic, balsamic dressing

Fireside  makes healthy synonymous with delicious not only with this dish but with the 3-4 salads they have in their regular menu. 

I love that in addition to the grilled vegetables, they also incorporated oyster  shitake and another Japanese mushroom to go with quinoa, red rice, etc. The roasted garlic balsamic dressing  amalgamates all the flavors and textures together quite nicely.

Chicken BLT P419
grilled chicken breast, bacon steak, arugula, tomato, aioli

Shrimp and Crab Fat Pasta P625
sauteed crab and shrimps, chili garlic, aligue cream, lemon, ricotta, spaghetinni
More economical version of aligue pasta  using shrimp instead of crab.Crab fat garlic sauce was delicious 

Red Hot Chili Chicken Fingers P615
chicken fingers, spicy buttermilk,  hot & sweet sauce, cornbread doughnuts

They are not kidding when they  attached that Red Hot  adjective to those chicken fingers.

This is Fireside's  red hot take  on  their    best selling buttermilk chicken fingers.Think combo of  chili flakes, 2 kinds of hot sauce, lots of black and white pepper and honey. This was simply too fiery for me. Eat it with the outstanding corn bread doughnuts to douse some of  that fire . Price looks hefty at first glance but portion is for sharing so the dish is actually value for money.

Country fried Steak P499
cajun breaded US Beef sirloin steak,  country chorizo gravy, mashed potato, grilled corn

Get ready to enjoy that Texas style US sirloin  pounded to make it tender  with that mashed potato and country house white gravy....yum!

Grilled Pork Belly P419
lime and chili garlic, tomato slush,  herb rice

Those chunks of  inihaw pork belly were scrumptious! Think Portuguese or peri peri style but using local peppers , lemon , green chili fingers red bell peppero or siling labuyo... all blended and marinated with the protein overnight.

The result? Complex flavors and amazing pork texture! Extra cilantro  rice please!

Grilled Chicken 
Whole P1125 Half P605
lime and chili garlic, tomato slush,  herb rice

Same marinade and method as the pork belly above. Same result. Get ready to order more bowls of rice.

Sausage & Mushroom Pizza P519
smoked cheese sausage, trio mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, mozzarella, cheddar chees
It was ok. A bit underwhelming though  after the amazing pork belly  and roast chicken. 

Chocolate Caramel Cake P245
Loved that it was home made.  A perfect sweet ending to cut through all that savory dishes  that we just enjoyed.


Who does not love smores. Eat it as soon as the plate  lands on the table  so you still get that ooeygooey sticky texture if you like your smores that way. I do hehe

Do note that the graham crackers were made from scratch.


Titas and titos who love their vino would be elated with Fireside's Wine of The World Promo still ongoing  until April 4.

Enjoy 11 kinds of wine from 7 countries for only P799. Check out their website for more details

Overall,   an opportune time to try both Fireside's New Menu and Wines of the World Promo!

Meat & Cheeseboard with white or red ? Up to you. There is no hard and fast rule in a gastronomic and wine adventure with friends  and/or family.I had mine with Casa lo Matta Sauvignon Blanc

Enjoyed  a glass of red wine too ...

Perfectly seasoned, juicy , medium rare ribeye paired well with Casa Lo Matta Merlot from Chile!

Definitely returning with the handsome hubby, the piggery and Luna in tow for another go at Fireside's  new menu and Wines of the World.

See you there!

Fireside by Kettle  is located at  the ground floor Central Square Bonifacio High Street BGC

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