Friday, March 20, 2020


Five days into community quarantine, and I find myself drooling everytime I edit photos from food adventures pre-covid19. Case in point, Gloria Maris in Greenhills.

The restaurant is iconic having heard from friends  how delicious the food is. Yes, it was my first time to dine at this Chinese restaurant here or in any other branches but I was not deaf to the accolades that is synonymous to the brand.

Turned out the media launch last March 2 was a celebratory one as Choi Garden welcomes Gloria Maris into the fold.

'Twenty seven years ago,   a group of Chinese friends saw an opportunity to bring in a taste of Hongkong and suthentic Cantonese restaurant to Manila. This led to the relaunch of Gloria maris Shark's Fin Restaurant with the  Hongkong based culinary genius Mr. Choi. Its elegant functions and dining experience started at the heart of Roxas Boulevard located on the grounds of CCP complex. With its outstanding reputation, Gloria Maris expanded in the heart of Greenhills San Juan.'

Last March 2  we enjoyed the following Gloria Maris bestsellers  blissfully unaware that a couple of weeks later, the covid19 threat became so dire that a Luzon-wide total  lockdown had to be declared.

Two Tone Almond Seafood Soup
Two soup in one with a yin and yang presentation intrigued.  Amazing how the two flavors are joined at the hip yet retained their individual flavors. Almond Seafood  vs. Pumpkin flavor divided yet united as one. Eaten together or apart it does not matter. It was a delightful experience either way.

Peking Duck
Cooked 2 Ways
Minced with Lettuce
Definitely no food wasted when you order this. I prefer savoring the sinfulness of that crunchy Peking duck skin swaddled in made-from-scratch lumpia-like wrapper. Be sure to use hoisin sauce as base and add those slivers of cucumber and leeks to cut through the richness of the duck.

Salt& Pepper Shrimps with Garlic
I loved how the shrimps were succulent and sweet a testament to how fresh these crustaceans were. At this point, it would have been perfect if there were bowls of steaming hot rice to go with it. Alas, we all know that in Chinese lauriat , the rice is usually the finale.

Lechon Macau
Amazing how thin and  crispy the pork's cracklings were. The flesh and fat had subtle flavoring but were scrumptious . Rice please.

Dimsum Sampler
Siomai, Hakaw, Egg Tart
This dish may look sparse but I was surprised how filling it was.  Siomai was chunky and dense.  Hakaw had generous portions of shrimps while the egg tart was flaky and delicious

Fried Lamb Chopped with Mint Jelly
Meaty, tender and flavorful, this protein was a hit in our table and I understand why

Australian Wagyu Beef in Black Pepper Sauce
A different way to enjoy Australian Wagyu Beef.

Birthday Misua
I love pansit . I have never eaten one with peanuts  and quek-quek-like pugo before though. This is one yummy pansit.

Steamed Apahap
Fresh and cooked perfectly, the apahap is the star of the show.

 Frank Fried Rice
Although the finale, this dish is an all in one meal that you can enjoy as is.

Braised Home-made Spinach Skin
Beancurd with enoki mushroom

This is another memorable dish I would definitely order on my next visit

Almond Shake with Mango Cubes

A perfect ending to an amazing menu. The mango cubes lent just the right  zest and freshness  to complement the savory dishes just enjoyed

'Gloria Maris GH had always been known for its authentic Cantonese Cuisine spearheaded by culinary experts. But beyond that is the unrivaled service and radiant class experience it provide the customers'

Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant is located at Lifestyle Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Centre Greenhills San Juan City

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