Friday, February 7, 2020


Foie Gras, Cheese, Garlic, Truffle, Sze Chuan, Ginseng, Crab Roe, Original... take your pick. Paradise Dynasty never fails to delight with its consistently delicious and colorful 8-flavor xiao long bao  along with their scrumptious dishes.
Earlier during lunch, we experienced first hand the new Chef"s Recommendations

Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly
This dish was a sight to behold.  All it took for me was a second to know that those beautifully caramelized cubes of pork belly were definitely going to be melt in your mouth.  They were indeed and quite flavorful  and sweet too which  Pinoys would love.  Think Humba with bokchoy on the side in lieu of  saba or banana blossoms

Grilled Grouper in Tofu with Mapo Tofu Style
Grouper was flaky  and meaty beneath all that sauce which had a little kick in  it . After all Mapo Tofu Style originated in Szechuan which is known for spicy dishes. I have a low threshold for spiciness so I was a bit on the cautious side just taking a small bite of the fish to test the waters so to speak. I found to my relief  that although  a little hot, the level was something I can tolerate. With bowls of rice I almost forgot the dish was spicy haha.

Grouper with Pine Nuts and Fruits
Think Sweet and Sour Fish or Escabeche but with crunchier chunks of fish. It married well with the crab or shanghai rice served.

We also tried their regular best-sellers....

Spicy Szechuan Crispy Chicken P298
Now this looked downright spicy to me. First timers would be afraid to even try tasting this dish because it is practically red with all those dry red chilis !Fortunately, it looked tamer than it looked. Those crispy chicken bits were crunchy like chicharon with a some heat
that is quite bearable. Rice please.

Pan Fried Shanghai Pork Buns 3 Pieces P138

Reminiscent of the pepper pork buns we tasted while at Shilin Night  Market in Taipei, these were also scrumptious albeit genteel and more delicate looking than their night market counterpart.

My first time to try Fried Rice Shanghai Style P238  and I loved it! Paired well with the pork belly and the two kinds of fish. I shall order this again.


Having opened in December 2017, you would think I would have my fill of their food. There is something about  made-from-scratch Xiao Long Bao though that never loses its luster for me. Why ? Because it speaks volumes about   Paradise Dynasty's attention to detail and is reflective of their aim for quality.

Yes  the ambiance is a bit posh and may be  a little intimidating to some. Some people even mistakenly think that it is a fine dining place. But there lies its charm. Posh vibe yet reasonable price  point- the perfect formula.

Do try Paradise Dynasty and let me know how it turns out for you.

Paradise Dynasty  is located at the 2nd level of  The Podium Mall beside SM Megamall. It  also has branches in Conrad S Maison in Moa and SM Aura at BGC

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