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Opened just last January 15, Movida Fashion Food + Club  is an interesting concept that has a day persona ie restaurant cum coffee shop that metamorphoses into a club at the stroke of 9 pm.

Located where the  Chinese restaurant "A Long Time Ago" used to be, Movida Fashion Food + Club is a sprawling area which can accommodate 100 people at any one time.  "A Long Time Ago" now occupies the 2nd to the  4th floors.

The restaurant has a cozy feel to it probably because of the predominantly wood theme mixed in with industrial tones. The cushy and colorful chairs and sofas  lend a homey vibe that invites you to just lounge, relax and drink/eat your troubles away....

Upon entering, your eyes will be drawn to the huge bar that is the focal point of the restaurant. When you turn around though, you will realize that there is a stage for live band performances.

Had  a chance to do an interview with the owner Mr. Ido Gurevich (owner) yesterday ....

Why  Movida?

Meaning of movida in Spanish is movement ...simple translation. Have submeaning on it as well like it can translate into street party in Spanish slang or underground movement ...

The reason why we choose  the other one the place to be lively we do some live bands , latino bands the overall look and feel is colorful and lively. We want the people to move and have fun.

What is Movida's food?

Anything that is trendy basically.  If you look at our menu there is no specific cuisine . It's a fusion . Its a mix of all the different trendy dishes from different cuisine.  So we have our sushi corner a mix of  traditional and american sushis.  We  have tapas , appetizers and then we have dishes for the main course that we feature from different cuisines western, asian and mediterranean cuisine...

What is the concept of Movida?

The concept for the club is night time and then during the daytime  is restaurant. So we have a day operation and night operation. We open from 11 am . We serve coffee , fresh juices, fresh shakes. We serve lunch and then we have dinner menu and desserts as well and coffee.

After that  by 9 pm we shift from day menu into night menu where food options are limited is more in   pica pica So we have only the appetizers, some  tapas. We have some  platters that is good for sharing and some  sushi and Japanese menu. So its more  light food while drinking . And then we have very large alcohol and wine selection

So day time operating as restaurant. Night time is more of a bar. Aside from the menu we are also changing the mood so the lights dim the candles goes on the volume of the music rise up. By 930 we have live band entertainment and some nights we also feature DJs after the live band.

So that's the concept we would like to create a space where people can come for a quick meeting and coffee and work with the computers during the day and have the lunch if their office is nearby and at night  come also for drinks and entertainment

Is Movida an international franchise?

Its not an international franchise. It is a concept that we conceptualize and built here. It's the first branch. Me and my group are operating other establishments. We have Pasha Grill and Sisha Lounge which serves Turkish cuisines and Royal Night Club at General Luna

The Food

We enjoyed the following yesterday...

Thoroughly enjoyed the Patatas Bravas P355, Garlic Butter Shrimp P450 and Beef Salpicao P480.

Beef Salpicao P480

Chicken Fingers P340 were beer-battered .  The dish was not crunchy nor crisp which one would expect from Chicken fingers. But is nonetheless chewy yet flavorful.

Chicken Quesadilla P335

Lamb Chops P885  were tender and delicious. I loved that they included broccoli for color.

Smoked Salmon Salad P410  was delicious. I shall order this again.

Salmon Tataki  with Trufle Cream P435

Spicy Tuna P370

Overall,   sushi ordered in the same breath as tapas? Yes  at Movida you can  have your craving satisfied with practically the world's menu at your fingertips.

The food that we tasted and the drinks that we enjoyed where quite flavorful. My favorites were the sushi and sashimi , lamb chops, smoked salmon salad, etc.

Yes the price point may be a little hefty for some but hey some dishes can be shared family style.

Do give them a go and let me know how it turns out for you.

Movida is located at 5050 P.Burgos Street Poblacion Makati City

Movida Fashion Food + Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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