Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Your chance to get a Matinong Boyfriend this Valentine's

Praying for a Matinong Boyfriend or Matinong Girlfriend?Need Closure? Have Unresolved Issues?  Mark February 1 on your calendars. Go to Sebastian's....

What's in a name?

Ian Carandang, the ice cream guru behind the artisanal brand Sebastian's  shares with gusto an amusing and cute anecdote re  how it all started. Apparently the germ of  that idea came from his friend Carlo Vergara of the Zsa Zsa Saturno fame who predicted that Sebastian's next big flavor would be called MATINONG BOYFRIEND.

Ian thought it a joke at that time  yet a good name. Come  Valentines 2014,  the Matinong Boyfriend and Matinong Girlfriend flavors were born.  The year after Ian followed through with  Closure and Unresolved Issues .

"Counterprogramming", Ian says of  the 4 intriguing monicker for Valentines. He noted how the Love month is focused on couples and thought it would be fun to focus on the singles out there.

Fast forward to 2020, Ian brings the 4 flavors  back for Valentines month beginning February 1. Apparently this has become an annual tradition. The  name stays the same but the ingredients vary every single year.

What is MATINONG BOYFRIEND?   Got first dibs on Matinong Boyfriend  last Friday and enjoyed  a scoop of   dark chocolate and orange ice cream infused with a little rum and candied walnuts.  Chocoholics would love the deep dark chocolate and the crunch from the walnuts. Was the choice because girls would look for a tall, dark and handsome boyfriend? Possibly. After all the flavor is aimed at  single ladies.. An order of  Matinong Boyfriend is P135

Matinong Girlfriend  on the other hand is  aimed to appeal to  boys  Think ice cream
made from cerveza negra/ dark beer. They boil down the alcohol and  garnish with   honey roasted peanuts dipped in bittersweet chocolate. I tasted caramel and  loved the crunch brought about by peanuts . P135 per order

Unresolved Issues is thematic with the use of candied ampalaya with the ampalaya sorbet and its unchanging , never resolved , no progress, always the same flavor profile. Even the price is stuck in limbo at  P90

Looking for CLOSURE ? The theme is wellness thus the use of tea for ingredient. There is no chunk nor other texture except silky smooth.. P135

Did you know?

So learned from Ian that Sebastian's  is about 14 years old having been born in 2006. The brand Sebastian though is not the name of the owner, nor a relative nor a person.

The brand opened in 2007  at The Podium Mall at the third level and then transferred to its present location a year ago.

Sebastian's currently has 3 branches which include Vertis North, Katipunan and this branch at The Podium

Other Must try Valentines Flavors...

Flowers & Chocolates P125  literally a bouquet of  flowers and a box of chocolates in one scoop. Think . Rose ice cream and rose petal jam from Iran available at Assads. Rose extract has a tendency to taste like perfume so Ian chose rose petal jam instead

Flowers  rose and chocolates ice cream thematically fits been rotating on different months  but never for V day.

Strawberry Poppits on the other hand are new. Visualize  couveture covered balls of ice cream. Really gorgeous and addicting orbs of sin which I can pop all day. Loved the queso de bola and red velvet variant too!

Overall , 14 years later Ian Carandang's Sebastian's excites and titillates with its out of the box ice cream concoctions like sapin sapin, mangga't bagoong, champorado & dilis in addition to  these 4 fun and intriguing flavors for Valentines.

How fun to shock your friends when you  post how you found your Matinong Boyfriend at Sebastian's ! haha

See you there!

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