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The Peak Revisited

Hello again The Peak. It was my 3rd visit since your grand launch in November 2018. I must say you still impressed!

Sunset remains spectacular. Lovely to have an amazing view from the 61st at the side of the entertainment area. The wonderful servers would be more than happy to tell you the perfect spot to catch that beautiful red orange orb as it sets on the horizon.

Yes service continue to be cheerful, knowledgeable,  and top notch  making  one feel very important and special indeed
Bands perform daily except Sundays

The vibe is as before - posh, elegant, opulent and yet homey. I dont know how you make that possible. Perhaps its the fact that The Peak has 3 floors of entertainment. It makes one feel that one is in  a huge mansion or multi level penthouse with different areas  one  can relax or have a private moment in  and enjoy depending  on ones interest.

I loosely used the term the "dining area" for that space where we had dinner in just beside that giant of a kitchen space. But really there were other nooks and crannies you can enjoy dinner in at The Peak.

There is the Veranda for example....

or the patio with amazing views...

You can also hold an intimate party  at their function rooms with its very own kitchen. Chef's Table  is one...

Or a bigger room ...

That humongous square box of an open "aquarium' of a Kitchen   is a focal point to beat especially for this mom-of-4 who adores kitchens.

Neat freaks would be hard put to find fault in this   pristine and quite  organized environment where every litle bit of space is functional and the flow of activity smooth and obviously strategically  planned.

Chef Mark Hagan, Executive Chef,  shared that this 60-70 sq meters of creative arena can  only accomodate 7 chefs at any one time. Thousands of meals were  prepared in that rectangular space  last Chinese New Year.

So it was actually a treat to be able to enter that inner sanctum and take photos and videos ad nauseam  if we wanted to. We however respected their space and we made it short and sweet so as not to interrupt their work.

Last Wednesday, we enjoyed the following :

We started with a platter of  Fresh Fine de Claire Oysters.   Oysters were really flesh  and succulent. It was not too meaty which sat well with me. I ate it au naturelle  with just a squeeze of lemon and the  natural brine of  the bivalve mollusk... so good.

Then I took another one and garnished it with grated  horseradish as per the recommendation of Chef Mark... scrumptious! Finally when no one is looking I kidnapped another piece and  and spooned the mignonette sauce on it...ambrosia!

Mignonette sauce is a condiment usually made with minced shallots, cracked pepper, and vinegar. It is traditionally served with raw oysters. The French term "mignonette" originally referred to a sachet of peppercorns, cloves, and spices used to flavor liquids, but now simply means cracked pepper. Wikipedia

There is no muddy after taste. I only got the taste of the ocean and the richness of the oyster that is distinct and  very potent.

I can finish the whole plate all by myself. But then , this is just one of the starters haha

Fine de Claire
Better known than the previous two kinds of oysters, the Fine de Claire has an elongated shell, with a softer-coloured flesh that yields a salty and nutty flavour. They are also mostly cultivated in Marennes, France, where they are divided by their maturity into Fine de Claire, Speciale de Claire and Pousse en Claire. The more mature the oyster, the meatier it is (Michelin Guide)

"Claire" are actually salt ponds or oyster ponds.

After that fresh and may I say minimalist and gorgeous fine de claire oysters, we were presented with Pan Seared Tiger  Prawns P990. 

Developed in Ireland . Chef Mark shared that  he and his friends formulated  the recipe and  he has been cooking this dish for 20 years now.  It is in the menu of Shanahan's On The Green, a steak house  he used to work  for in Dublin and is a favorite of his Pinay wife.

Think plump shell-less  tiger prawns swimming in garlic butter with lemons , capers and parsley. Do not forget to soak all that beautiful sauce with your bread...divine!

Coquilles St. Jacques P725  or shell of  St. Peter is  just a fancy word for scallop. Cooked in white wine, mushrooms,  cream sauce,  glazed in salamander with gruyere cheese,  bread crumbs and a little bit  of butter. It is a classic French dish.

Almost too simple to look at , this starter Foie Gras Chicken Liver Parfait P580  was excellent and one of my favorite starters. Like a pate  but called parfait  like the ice cream which is silky smooth.  Its got foie gras, eggs, chicken liver,  pink salt. It was velvety  on the tongue and quite gorgeous with the last note holding the  most flavor.

It is perfect with freshly made bread. Put a little of the home made cumberland sauce and the quince jelly which were both tart, fruity and sweet complimenting the rich sinfulness of the Parfait.

Pickled Beet Root Salad  P525.  Im not a fan of  beets but this  pickled beets when eaten together with  the  super creamy and flavorful Meredith goat cheese from Australia  and that  expensive 15 year old  tart yet sweet and rich Balsamic vinegar  is simply amazing.

15 year old balsamic  holds like a syrup and does not split in your plate. Balsamic vinegar are made of  fortified grapes put it in barrels .Modena is were you will find most Balsamic.  The longer they stay on the barrel, the thicker the vinegar gets.

The Clam Chowder P325  was delightfully creamy, tasted of the sea and had crunchy and crisp vegetables in it that was a joy to experience

Seabass  imported from France was  kept  whole to keep all juices in it. Herbs & oil were also added. Seabass was really flaky and flavorful. A rustic dish, the freshness of the fish was notable

That 1.4 Kilo Tomahawk ( P850 per 100 grams) was outstanding. We had roasted garlic with it and we had a choice from among 5 sauces to dip it  in  ie red wine jus , black peppercorn, bernaise, salsa verde and mushroom.

I took a slice without dipping in any of the sauces provided so my palate can just enjoy the tomahawk as it is. The meat was medium. I would have preferred medium rare nevertheless the steak was perfectly juicy and the fat rich and gorgeous.

For sides , we were served Creamed Spinach P190, sauteed mushrooms P190,  Onion rings with ranch sauce P190, 

I only managed to taste the mushrooms which were really good. But skipped the rest. I was just too stuffed . Have to make room for dessert!

Nothing makes foodies excited than a great scene stealer and that  Baked Alaska   P355 did not disappoint. It is actually ice cream encased in sponge cake and meringue.

Trivia : Per google, this dessert was  called Baked Alaska to commemorate the purchase of Alaska in 1867

The White Chocolate Cheese Cake P355 seduced with its contrasting ring of milk chocolate on top with a crown of dolloped whip cream and medallion chocolates.

The beautiful colors of Creme Brulee P355  contrasted beautifully with  the berry garnish.

Mango Mille  Feuille P355 , consisting of 3 layers of thin puff pastry with  pastry cream in between, mango bits on top and mango syrup on the side, this was one lush dessert I would not mind ordering again. Loved how the mango was beautifully presented. The marriage of the pastry cream, thin layers of puff pastry and that golden fruit was one made in palate heaven.

Traditionally, a mille-feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry (pâte feuilletée), alternating with two layers of pastry cream (crème pâtissière). The top pastry layer is dusted with confectioner's sugar, and sometimes cocoa, pastry crumbs, or pulverized seeds (e.g. roasted almonds).

with Chef Mark Hagan Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt Manila and @johnbunag

Dining at The Peak is like a journey  unlike no other where every beautiful  thing is magnified. From that awesome sunset,  Filipino-inspired interiors,  a humongous efficient kitchen where everything happens, to the food,  the servers - the experience remains grand.

The price is surprisingly  not that exorbitant considering the premium ingredients, the opulent ambiance, the fine dining experience.

Do visit The Peak at the 60th- 62nd floor  and get ready for the luxe experience.

A place that can become  a role to connect the  past, current and future of the Philippines. Not only the Philippines but  Asia today is growing in a speed which can not be compared with  any periods in the past. However, because of times like this, we need to further look ahead in the future as well to remind us of things we must not forget..."

                                                                             -Nao Taniyama
                                                                               International Designer of  The Peak

with Zomato Country Manager Chris Evans and lovely wife, @konyo queen, Ms. Heidi Manabat Director Marketing Communications Grand Hyatt, Ms. Kristine of Grand Hyatt Manila,  Mayurie and Ana of Zomato

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