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Monga is now open at SM Megamall LG Bldg A.
I have been  a fan of Taiwan since our  visits last year. The street food is something the handsome hubby and I have grown to love  even  coming back a second time to swing by  Shilin Night Market and eat all our favorite food to our hearts content.

Love their pepper buns,  milk tea,  stinky tofu, sausages to name a few. Found ourselves almost always looking for that queue locals line up for.

One of the most sought after food at Shilin Night Market is the  Fried Chicken.

Think  huge slab of boneless chicken in a dry batter of secret herbs and spices then deep fried until golden brown. Amazing fowl was juicy and tender inside while crunchy outside! I think we queued everyday for this and munched on it while going around Taipei.

So its no wonder I was excited when I heard  a Taiwan brand called Monga opening a restaurant in Megamall last November 6.

We had first dibs on November 5 and every bite brought me back to the Land of Formosa.

Monga Chicken is owned by famous Taiwanese Comedian, Nono. Monga is actually named after one of Taipei's oldest districts.

The chicken cutlet which is thicker than usual comes in 3 variants
King P189 or P199 with rice -  the simplest with just salt and pepper for seasoning and some secret ingredient

Hot Chick P189 solo or P199 with rice - definitely with a kick with that red paprika

Taiker P189 solo P199 with rice - sweet and sprinkled with seaweed flakes

I ordered Chee-Z Signature P209 solo or P229 with rice which is King with Cheese & Tomato Sauce or Special Chili

Do not forget to order Monga's sides which are also delectable...
Chicken Skin  which are addicting 
Fried Broccoli  which appeased my guilt somewhat  although it is deep fried too haha 

Plus they have refreshing beverages that  balances the richness of the deep fried items on the menu. 

Do check them out and let me know what you think.

Monga is located at the LG of SM Mega Building A.

Monga Fried Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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