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'MIJO,  a contraction of  mi hijo or literally my son,  is actually a term of endearment that can be applied to anybody and is  equivalent to honey or sweetie.
Mijo just opened a few months ago in October 23 to be exact at their very own newly constructed 3 story building that has its own parking on the ground floor,  Mijo on the 2nd floor and a roofdeck  bar called Church on the third floor.

Chef Owner Enrico Moreno

"Hearty , nakakabusog and hopefully good..."

Thus was  Chef Owner Enrico' reply  when asked what three words can aptly describe Mijo's food.

Comfort food that he grew up with which included the family's travels, Sunday feasts with the lolas, etc.

Chef Enrico considers Mijo's menu an ode to his maternal and paternal  grandmas  Mama Lita and Lola Nena (see portraits of  the ladies prominently displayed on one wall). But he tweaked the recipes  a bit to make it his own.

Ode to Grandmas - Mama Lita and Lola Nena

A classic example he gave was  his grandma Mama Lita's Putannesca. Chef Enrico's version is sans the requisite  tomato sauce expected of this classic dish. A "purist" at heart (for want of a better word),  he made his pasta from scratch and put a spin  of his own on his grandma's recipe by adding  brown butter and bread crumbs.

Chef Enrico's boyish visage belies his 10 year experience in the industry.  He studied in  CSB  DLSU and immediately worked in the food industry right after graduation. He worked for a resto in S Maison, Rockwell for several years before putting up a restaurant of his own.

His sous chefs Angela and Jolo were his former students in CSB when he taught in school. Yes he also became a professor at CSB

Chef Enrico wants Mijo's food to be hearty, nakakabusog and hopefully good.Thus the emphasis on comfort food that is not intimidating.

Early this afternoon, we were served the following...

 Aligue Gambas P395

A simple yet scrumptious creation that is good on its own or  incorported  with pasta or even with hot rice. Those plump crustaceans smothered in  sinful orange aligue sauce sat on an one side of that alabaster plate creating an instagram drool-worthy shot.  Shrimps were cooked  perfectly. Succulent and flavorful, it was a joy to bite into them


I loved the inclusion of  a different kind of mushroom and the roasted garlic.

The presentation was nice albeit unusual with one side bare making our fingers itch to fill up that blank space.

We took long in taking photos so that by the time we  finally got to eating the dish it was a bit cold. Nonetheless, it was scrumptious despite the temperature. I however found some pieces too well done for my taste. I like my salpicao medium rare and therefore  springy and juicy when I bite into them.

Porkitos or Pork Buns P150

I am partial to restaurants who make their own bread and make them well. Plus point to Mijo for their freshly made brioche and bonneta . I can just eat them all day haha

Hot off the oven bonete.

Freshly baked bread that were so good  paired with the salsa it comes with.

Caveat - do not start. You may not be able to help yourself and finish the whole lot all by your lonesome haha. First serving is complimentary. Second one is for your account. So make the first serving last. I doubt very much  if it is possible though considering how good the bonete were. Craving now haha.

Amatriciana P325
Fresh Rye Spaghettini, tomato , house-cured guanciale, parmesan

Truffle Jamon P350
Fresh rye fettuccini, parma ham, truffle cream, low temperature egg, parmesan. 

I'm really a sucker for truffle  and freshly made pasta. Chef Enrico had me at  made-from-scratch. But not all home-made pasta are created equal. Chef Enrico's was one of those that I liked.

Mama Lita's Sunday Pasta P295
Fresh Rye Spaghettini, anchovies, garlic, olives , capers, house dried tomatoes

Mama Lita is Chef Enrico's  maternal grandma is the inspiration for the above pasta. Chef Enrico just put his own spin on the dish by making the pasta from scratch, adding brown butter and crumbs.

Pasta was al dente and that brown butter certainly put an interesting twist to the whole ensemble


Wagyu Picanha P995
Wagyu picanha, roasted marrow, beefcharon, kamote mash 

Picanha is a cut of beef called sirloin cap in the United States or the rump cap in the United Kingdom, that is popular in Portugal and Brazil. ... North American butchers generally divide it into other cuts like the rump, the round, and the loin - Wikipedia

'Top Sirloin its a specific cut big in Argentina and Brazil its like their national cut. has more flavor than ribeye ... One muscle group is good. The more meat group the more tendon and connective tissue.  You have inconsistencies in texture and fat content whereas a picanha or hanger no litid ..." 

- Chef owner Enrico Moreno

Indeed the wagyu is soft and tender and has no connective tissues that would interrupt our pleasure of lingering on  its flavor and texture.

Do remember to include the  beefcharon ( or taba/fat of the beef deep fried until crunchy) and  bone marrow in one mouthful.   Then try the silky and buttercup-yellow  Kamote Mash  with it.

Wash it all down with a glass of red wine, rose' or a carafe of Sangria....bliss!

Wagyu Pot Roast P650
wagyu brisket, truffle potato mash, drippings

Truffle mash potato ftw! Wagyu Pot Roast was amazing too. The problem was , where to put it all in. I was already stuffed.

Duck Confit P695
French Duck leg, 8 spice, hoisin, chinese broccoli, duck fried rice with low temperature egg

"We confit in the duck  leg in its fat hoisin sauce in 5 spice
Kailan with sesame oil  and fried garlic
Duck fried rice with duck fat and duck egg with spring onions"
-Chef Owner Enrico

The result? Crunchy skinned duck with moist flesh inside. It married well with the rice in duck broth fried in duck fat with aromatics annd spices then topped with a low temperature duck egg which you break and mix with the rice for some creamy texture... sublime!

Asado P395

Roasted liempo with Kimchi Fried Rice  with Poached Egg and Spring Onion. Pork belly was sweet when dipped in Gochu soy or honey soy sauce and paired well with the Kimchi rice which  had a hint of spiciness.


Lamb Rack Paella P1550
lamb rack, lamb sausage, chermoula, aioli

Whenever I eat paella (pa-e-ya),  I always look for soccarat or tutong in local parlance. I love how the flavor is concentrated on that partially toasted rice at the bottom of the paellera.

Mijo's version has a touch of local flavor with the use of calamansi instead of lemon. The local citrus fruit has  more intense acidic flavor that gave the paella  a vibrant  palette that cut through the richness of the lamb.

Chermoula or charmoula is a marinade and relish used in Algerian, Libyan, Moroccan and Tunisian cooking. It is traditionally used to flavor fish or seafood, but it can be used on other meats or vegetables. Wikipedia

Soft Shell Crab Paella
Those Soft Shell Crab Paella were the perfect pairing to the Paella en su Tinta. The taste of the sea is strong on this one. Do not forget to squeeze some calamansi before mixing everything together including the good!

Bread Pudding
Made from left over bonete. Chocolate Ganache, home madehoney comb Tried to make it a cross between leche flan and bread pudding so its super moist.

Why go?

House-made freshly baked bread, made from scratch sauce,  home-made pasta, spacious venue, open kitchen, cheerful service, reasonable price points. What's not to love?

If you love meat like me , order their Wagyu Picanha and Wagyu Pot Roast. Both are below P1,000. So affordable right?

I just recently fell in love with paella after our just concluded trip in Barcelona last Christmas. Mijo's paella are really flavorful and have soccarat! Kimchi rice was awesome too. Clearly rice is one of the restaurant's strong points.

Loved Mijo's ambiance too. Think minimal, spacious with option for dining alfresco at the patio.
Bar is huge and commands your attention as you enter the room although the two stately grandmas on one wall is a close runner up.

The hallway to the restroom
Comfort Room is common and pristine.

Kitchen is open. Just snap away and take all the photos you need.

Mijo is new so not too many people know about it. Therefore you get first dibs before everyone hears about Mijo.  Go now before your friends learn about it haha.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

Mijo is located just across Crying Tiger in Poblacion Makati.

Mijo Comfort Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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