Monday, January 20, 2020


Laing 2 Ways P195
A Mesa Filipino Moderne kind of Sunday....

Found ourselves at  Power Plant Mall yesterday. We were wonderfully surprised by the  beautiful church that is inside the mall. Looks like we found a new alternative  to our favorite CSA one. This is nearer the domicile too.

As was our custom after giving thanks to the Almighty for our blessings, it is time to indulge in our favorite weekend past time ... pigging out.  The question is where?

There are a  gamut of restaurants to choose from at Power Plant. I guess the more specific question is what your craving is at that particular moment.  There were just the  four of us yesterday sans the unica  who has an event and the  bunso  who had a competition in Ultra.

Famished , agreed on  pigging out on Pinoy cuisine. Convenient too  because one of the family's favorite Pinoy restaurant is just two escalators down from the church.

We ordered Sinigang na Salmon, Pansit Guisado, Sisig, Kare Kare , Garlic Chicken and Laing 2 ways plus rice . We also ordered Mango Shake for our 83 y/o Pa-in-law and bottomless lemonade for 2nd son.

Sinigang na Salmon Head P355

Pork Sisig P220

Sotanghon Guisado P215

Kare Kare Beef & Tripe P390

Garlic Chicken P265

Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon P355 hit the spot and a perfect starter cum Main to a Pinoy meal. One order can be shared by 3 to 4 people if accompanied by other dishes.

Sisig P220 was the main event as far as 2nd son is concerned. Although not the usual crispy sisig he is more accustomed to and has preference for, he must have liked it a lot because he ordered a second serving.

Kare Kare with Beef & Tripe P390  is the handsome hubby's fave. Loved the home-made taste of the sauce. Did not discern any starch to thicken the soup. At home, my version of kare kare incorporates toasted rice, ground peanut and coconut cream for thickener.

Laing 2 ways P195 is another family favorite.  I love the combination of taro leaves and kakang gata (coconut cream). I tend to gravitate towards the dry version.

Sotanghon Guisado P215  is my order. I love pansit and  always find myself wanting to binge on it haha. Sadly even with the addition of calamansi,  this dish is on the bland side. I do not want any food going to waste so I experimented a bit  and incorporated some of the dried laing to it plus sisig. Voila! The resulting dish is an amazing combination of spicy, salty and coconut that woke up my palate. I almost finished the whole plate by myself haha.

7 orders of  viands, 4 rice, 2 drinks later, all's well that ends well. A satisfying meal again at Mesa, all for P2300 or P460 per head.

Not bad at all.

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