Monday, January 6, 2020

Good Good Philippines

The popularity of milk tea on our side of the ocean   shows no sign of  abating   anytime soon with new players sprouting like the proverbial  mushrooms all over the metro.

Just the other day , I  discovered what I thought was  a new milk tea  brand in Quezon City called  Good Good Philippines via the invitation of  foodie friend Jonel Uy.

I was amused  to learn   in the course of our conversation that although the branch is indeed the most recent,  this particular store is the latest among 5 stores since last year. Two are franchised, while the one in Bulacan , Scout Borromeo and this one in Banawe  are  company-owned.

It is still in their soft opening and would have a Grand Launch on  January 9.

At any rate, here is what I enjoyed earlier upon the invitation of  fellow foodie Jonel Uy.

There are 5 core products of Good Good Milk Tea....


What made me stand up and take notice was that Good Good Philippines uses fresh fruits in combination with tea for this set of drink. They shun concentrates, powder, sugar syrup and the like and are proud to let everyone know that their drink is all natural.

Price depends on the size. For the 500 ml variant, it starts at P95-P145.  The 700 ml size gooes for a low of  P120 to a high of P160. Some drinks on the Fruit Tea list  can be served hot. Just ask your server.

Last Monday, I tried their Sunset Tea P160  . This bright and sunny concoction is made of  grapefruit, orange and passion fruit. 

That beautiful reddish-purple color of  red dragon fruit is  wonderfully captured in  Red Zen Tea P120 .  In addition to the dragon fruit, there is also the other dimension brought about by lychee. Note the chia seeds at the bottom. Healthy, festive and delicious!

For now the size available is small ( see pic above)


Another option. for those who want fresh fruits for their cold drinks with cream cheese on top. The best seller is Mango Tea with cream cheese,  Triple Berry Cream Cheese and Chocolate with Cream Cheese

That Triple Berry  with Cream Cheese  P220 hit the spot . The drink was not overly sweet and the saltiness of the cream cheese on top complements the  natural  saccharine that is evident in fruits.   If you prefer it sweeter you can request from their  sugar level barometer using  the key words -regular, less sugar , half sugar, light sugar or no sugar.

For the ice level, choose from  normal,  less ice, light ice, no ice.

Im pretty sure everyone is familiar with what a smoothie is.   A thick , smooth drink of fresh fruits mixed with either yoghurt, milk or ice cream. 

Tried Good Good Philippines, Mango Smoothie P180. It was like drinking the fruit Mango in its liquid state.  I loved that the drink included Chia Seeds negating my guilt at enjoying such a delicious drink

Not too keen on that plump yellow fruit ? No worries. You can select from a myriad of choices that include Berry Smoothie P220,  Tropical Paradise P220,  Strawberry Blonde P220 ( best seller) , Amazon Kick P220 and Banana Berry P220

 4. Classic

The Classic category refers to the popular bubble milk teas. We ordered both Double B  which comes in 500 ml size at  P120 and  700 ml P140. Triple B   is also available at the same prices. 

What is the difference between Double B and Triple B? The former has absolutely no tea in it. While the latter does. 

You can take it hot or cold.


If you  are a tea person, you will be glad to know that Good Good Philippines  uses real tea leaves. Check out the rows of  tall container of leaves that are displayed on the counter. Choose from  green tea, black tea or four season tea  P85 available in 700 ml size and can be served hot or cold depending on your preference


The first 100 customers on January 9 shall get FREE imported quality tumblers above. Store will open at 11 am.

See you there!

Good Good Philippines is located at  949 Banawe Quezon City. Locate Minnan Minnan Restaurant in waze and google.
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