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'Streetfood na pina-sosyal'

'Nagsimula kami as Lime88. Concept ko don e lahat may twist. to get the juice of the lime you have to twist the fruit. So yung food namin may twist sya parati  sa taste or presentation..."

- Chef Archie Juanta


Chef Archie started as a kitchen helper at Mario's Kitchen. His professional career though in the restaurant industry began at M Cafe under the tutelage Chef Sau del Rosario.

The germ of an  idea of  opening his own restaurant  came about some 13 years ago in   April 2007 and it came into fruition a few months after in July same year.

Originally called Lime 88 , it is now popularly known as Chef Arch's Lime.

The Food

The charm lies  in Chef Arch's interpretation of street food. Think genteel version with delicate almost pretty presentation contrasting wonderfully with the dish's robust flavors.

Check out the food we enjoyed yesterday...

Amazing how with creative plating, an ubiquitous kalye or streetfood metamorphosizes into haute cuisine almost. After all the eyes eat first.

Classic example,  Streetfood Platter P250.  Enjoy several sticks of  betamax, adidas, walkman,  with edible flowers and  Thai style curry peanut sauce made up of  peanut  butter,  Chicken stock , spicy sauce. Or  you can just dunk them skewered proteins on a ramekin of sinamak.

Lime Pizza Tuyo.  Itlog na maalat, tuyo, longganiza on a pizza?  I know it sounds weird right but one mouthful was enough to convince me it works.

Like Kwek Kwek? Try this posh version of Chef Archie. Think Quail Tempura with Soy Mirin Glaze P150.  Chef did away with the distinct orange color of  Kwek and glammed it up with tempura batter and sweet soy mirin for dip. Note the colorful presentation with the inclusion of  edible flowers and herbs.

Prefer Pasta? You will love this Tuyo Pasta by Chef Archie. Creamy , salty, flavorful. Think dried anchovies on your pasta. It was pretty hard not to finish that amazingly drool worthy dish.

This dish definitely evoked nostalgic memories. I remember attending children's parties and eating all the skewered marshmallows and red hotdogs I can get my hands on haha

LONGGANIZA OVERLOAD FRIED RICE  is a more accurate and descriptive title vs SAUSAGE FEAST  FRIED RICE  in my opinion. Having said that  and being a self-confessed longga-addict, I must say that I found heaven on my plate yesterday with the incorporation of  Vigan, Lucban, Hungarian, Chicken and Tuguegarao longganizas. No need to order a separate protein for this dish that is  so gooooood. Just add egg just like the one above and just dive into that plate....yum!

Overall,  Chef Archie delivered as promised. Common placed street food leveled up with little twists here and there in both presentation and execution.

What was amazing was that you would not expect such creative pursuits in  a low key and homey bungalow transformed into a restaurant in a residential location far from air conditioned malls .

You have an option to dine al fresco where the bar is or inside where there are more tables plus an unpretentious private function room with the only  aircondition in the property.

Bottomline,  Lime is pretty straight forward. You go there for the food which are delicious as it is affordable. Most of the dishes are below P300. Service is cheerful too.

What a delight to discover wonderful food in unexpected places especially one that is practically under my nose.

I can not stop waxing poetry over my experience at Lime with the hubby.

Definitely returning soon with the handsome hubby and piggery in tow.

Chef Arch's Lime is located at San Rafael Street in Mandaluyong City

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