Thursday, January 2, 2020


Amazing how the sight of Yule log, ginger bread cookies and the smell of cinnamon in the air can bring in the holiday cheers in a snap.

More than the freshly baked treats  though is Bake House Manila's interesting tag line "freshly made with a conscious heart"

Freshly made with a conscious heart....

Bake House Manila's commitment  to become  a zero-waste cafe eventually, is unique and something that other cafes must aspire for. The determination to make a go of this vision is reflected not only on their food which is all natural but on their packaging as well.

The adjectives recyclable, biodegradable  and compostable are a given at Bake House Manila.

Plus their price are not shockingly exorbitant which you would expect considering that it's location alone is synonymous to expensive.

A classic example is their best selling Conscious Cookie which retails for only P60

Last month, we were privileged to have been invited to a Media Launch that included a selection of Chef Anthony ( Pastry Chef of Bake House Manila) Christmas treats.

The white chocolate Christmas log was a favorite, along with the stollen bread and minced pies. Chef Anthony's  creations are made more special with the thought that everything I ate that day was transfat and additive-free.

That was the first time I felt healthy, eating those delicious cakes and pastries. I know it sounds like an oxymoron. But it is possible when all natural ingredients are used

I can not wait to try the other delicious items in the menu with the handsome hubby and piggery.

See you there!
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