Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dream Come True : SeaKing Celebrates its 20th Year Anniversary

"You need to have a dream to have a dream come true"

So says Jennifer Uy  the President of  SUPERB CATCH INC.  and   the eldest daughter among 4 siblings of Mr. Eugenio Sevilla Uy who is the inspiration and the driving force behind the success of SeaKing the brand synonymous to frozen creamy dory, bangus, wild Alaskan Salmon, bottled milk fish etc.

An Inspiring Story of  love, passion and perseverance...

Theirs was an inspiring story bourne out of their love for their parents and for each other as siblings.

It all started with the fish farm of their  father. Everyone wanted to pitch in to support the patriarch's business. So the 4 children found  themselves deboning fish in their home at a young age.

Success indeed came about literally  from their bare hands.

From deboning fish in their bungalow in 1999, today 20 years later they now have a 5000 sq meter plant with a 20 ton capacity on a daily basis

 * 1999 conquered the frozen fish market
 * 2004  SK exported to Guam which opened Japan SK Canada Middleast USA
 * 2008 released  frozen cream dory 
 * 2011 bottled milk fish
 * 2016 frozen squid
 * 2018 frozen wild Alaskan salmon

Makati Shangrila Celebration

Last Friday during the celebration at Makati Shangrila Hotel and with the attendance of  Mr. Herbert Sy  no less,  they launched their newest product -  SeaKing Wild  Alaskan Salmon.
Buffet dinner while being serenaded by Ms. Siti
Foodie friends and Ms. @animetric 

A parade of salmon ensued,  basically a tip to  this mom-of-4 about   the many ways I can cook SeaKing's Wild Alaskan Salmon at home

 Skewered Salmon
 Salmon in Beurre Blanc 

Grilled Salmon in Lemon Garlic Sauce

During the audio visual and informative presentation, I loved the emphasis on wild vs farmed salmon.  Not that many people know the health benefits derived from eating wild salmon vis a vis its farmed counterpart.

Good thing SeaKing made  it easier for mothers like  me to select wisely via the products' accessibility in big supermarkets ...

20 years later SeaKing products are now available at 
1500 Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels

Indeed SeaKing came a long way from its humble beginnings in a small bungalow in 1999. From sheer hard work, passion and love, the brand is now known worldwide...

Congratulations SeaKing! Cheers to more successful years!

"If you dont have any dream you wouldn't know where to start....its all about being happy with what you do and we are happy we get to continue our father's legacy- Mr. Eugenio Sevilla Uy...

Conceptualization of SeaKing started as a dream for the four of us  . One morning inside our bedroom and with passion and perseverance we are now 20 years older .... "

We are truly blessed for having  a wonderful family.."

- Jennifer, Jeffrey, Nancy, Shirley
The Uy Siblings

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