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Of Josper Grilled Tenderloin 1824 @RagingBullChophouse&Bar

That is heaven in your mouth right there. I actually had an epiphany almost immediately after that first bite. I knew at that very moment that  I was in danger of devouring  that amazingly melt-in-your-mouth Tenderloin 1824 Grain-Fed Queensland   in  no time.

That clarity  of  thought was scary because I knew that I have two choices.  To wipe my plate clean or not.Funny I know. But when you are a foodie. You learn to train yourself to  eat ala degustacion. Otherwise the alternative is unthinkable (at least for me) . Think obesity along with a few other things.

I surreptitiously glanced at my  tablemates' plates to my right, left and front then back to my own steak.

I was definitely on my way   to winning the steak-eating contest if there was one at the rate I was attacking my steak. Unbelievable,  because this was the fourth course  after the  outstanding  Poached Seafood Platter from High Street Cafe ,  the flavorful Parihuela De Amejas from Samba and the Australian Scallops and other seafood with XO Sauce from Canton Road. 
1824 grain fed Queensland 250 grams is P2550

I should be full. But when I saw that  succulent looking, scrumptious-smelling Josper Grilled   1824 Grain Fed Queensland Steak...
with Chef Kai Lindner of Raging Bull and Chophouse

So I slowed down and concentrated on the Gruyere Dauphinoise, the heirloom carrots and the sugar beets while asking the chef about Potato Gratin vis a vis the Daaa-fuhn-waa.

It worked and just in time too  because pretty soon we were ribbing each other about how silent the table had become and which foodie was ahead in  the non-existent Australian-tenderloin-eating-competition haha.

Suffice to say that I was able to exert control and left a respectable size of that  steak which I forlornly bid adieu to.

What is Josper Grilled?

First of all Josper is a hybrid of a grill for flavor  and an oven for control.

Josper is a 50 year old brand that was established in 1970 by Joseph Armangue and Pere  Juli in their restaurant called Mas Pi in Pinedar del Mar somewhere in Northeast of Spain (

It is a much sought after kitchen appliance by famous hotels, restaurants and Chefs all over the world.

Now I know why. My steak had the requisite grilled marks while retaining its succulence  and flavor.

1824 Tenderloin

This is just one among the premium steaks that you can select from the menu of  Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar.

Per Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar, 1824 Tenderloin is  a multi award winning 1824 premium beef with the oldest existing company Australia Agricultural Company (AACo) formed in 1824 , hence the name

570 thousand head of cattle roam  across an 8 Million hectare property in Old and Northern Territories about the size of Ireland (Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar)

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