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Luxurious ,  Elegant,  Posh, Intimidating  - adjectives synonymous to The Manila Hotel's Champagne Room . 

I should not really be surprised. After all it is called The Champagne Room.  The name alone evokes exclusivity.

Think  predominantly  glittering gold and black  theme. Note the   plush sofas, velvety cushions, lofty ceiling, rich damask curtains , gilded golden mirrors broken only by   touches of whimsy from the  Swarovski-Crystal-like-trees, gold pendant orbs, ornate  jeweled gold trimmings  on the table linen and the conspicuous  black baby grand piano on a raised pedestal...

It is  a room that is designed to impress and awe. It  was romantic as it was over-the-top in a spectacular way.  It was Christmas(y) too as well as magical.

I can think of a lot of engagement parties happening here as well as wedding receptions or despedida de soltera. Or it can be as simple as a special date with your significant other or a wonderful lunch or dinner with the girlfriends.


Formerly a huge dining room of  The Manila Hotel circa 1912, it evolved  in 1977 or 1978 and was christened  Champagne Room because of its French Cuisine that pairs well with Champagne and other bubbly.

In 2010, it  reinvented itself to include Italian and Mediterranean dishes as well. It was the year Cafe Ilang Ilang opened and  Cowrie ( the famous The Manila Hotel steakhouse) closed. Thus loyal patrons of  the defunct restaurant gravitated too towards the Champagne Room for their steak cravings.

Although more than four decades old, The Champagne Room looks fresh , refined  and graceful  belying its forty-year-plus  history. Perhaps there lies its charm.

During lunch today we were privileged to try try one of  their set menus....


Parma Ham with Burrata
Market Salad, Parmesan Shavings

It was a choice between Burrata or Caesar's Salad.  I chose  that heavenly creamy Italian Cheese over the Caesar Salad.   It was just a matter of preference specifically for Burrata. But would try Caesar next time seeing as its dressing was made from scratch right in front of you.

Caesar's Salad
Romaine Lettuce, Classic Caesar's Salad Dressing

The dish calls for a raw egg yolk for the dressing .So if you have any aversion to this just verbalize to your server what you want and they will prepare another salad for you.

French Vegetable Soup
Gruyere Croutons

Reminiscent of  the  French Onion Soup but with vegetables in lieu of onions  and sans any cheese  layer on top.

For the Mains,  the carnivore would love the   US Prime Rib Roast....

US Prime Rib Roast

The slice was thin as was expected from a Rib Roast. My preferred doneness was medium rare. My 180 gram  meat was succulent and tender. Paired it with the baked potato and their fresh-off-the-oven soft bread and butter or their home-made liver pate.


Not a fan of meat? You can opt to have the Herb Marinated Grouper Fillet instead....

Herb Marinated Grouper Fillet
caper tomato compote, Asparagus risotto, grilled vegetables

Definitely the healthier and lighter choice for  ladies who are on a perpetual diet or anyone who prefer fish over meat.

Ohaina Chocolate Gateau
French Vanilla Sauce, raspberry

For the perfect sweet ending to a scrumptious meal , you can select one among three options. The first one is this sinful chocolate dream that is made of rich ganache, mousse and fresh berries with chocolate sponge  cake in between

Seasonal Fresh Fruits, Sorbet du Jour


Selection of French Cheese

People who know me will be able to predict that I would pick cheese over the other two. I  simply delight  in indulging in different kinds of cheese with dried fruits. Would recommend white wine pairing for this one at an additional cost.

Coffee or Tea


These French Parisian pastry will never grow old as far as Im concerned. Their colors alone are enough to  lift the spirits from the doldrums.

Why go?  

First off , the ambiance alone is worth more than the price tag. So I was really pleasantly surprised at how affordable the 4 course set menu was... P1800 nett for the fish option and P2100 nett for the US Prime Rib Roast selection.

Option 1 
P1800 nett

Parma Ham Burrata or  Caesar Salad
French Vegetable Soup
Herb Marinated Grouper Fillet
Ohaina Chocolate Gateau
Coffee or Tea

Option 2
P2100 nett

Parma Ham Burrata or Caesar Salad
French Vegetable Soup
US Prime Rib Roast
Selection of  French Cheese or  Seasonal Fresh Fruits, Sorbet du Jour
Coffee or Tea

Premium ingredients, well curated courses, excellent service, amazing price point. What's not to love?

If you are tired of buffet and would love a brief respite from it. If you love to take your time between courses just to have an old fashioned tete a tete with your special someone or with the other #titasofmanila. If you just want to savor and relish just a few dishes to your heart's content without being overwhelmed by a plethora of options . If you just want to bask in an elegant ambiance and be transported to a bygone and genteel era without breaking the bank.  Then you are ready for The Manila Hotel's The Champagne Room.

Do try their  ala carte dishes too..

Ala Carte

Champagne Room's Seafood Medley  is a dish to keep in mind  when you want to order ala carte.Those fat scallops , plump mussels, silky- flaky sea bass and perfectly cooked prawn are definitely a must try.

For dessert, try their Baked Alaska .  They will flambe it while you watch. Definitely an instagram worthy moment.

See you there!

Thank you The Manila Hotel for having us and Zomato for the invite 

Champagne Room is located at the Ground Floor of The Manila Hotel along Roxas Boulevard Pasay City. Do reserve a table before going there to avoid any inconvenience - 02 82469072 or reserve via Zomato app.

Champagne Room - Manila Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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