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Did you know?
A burger actually got its name from Hamburg Germany, home of a cut of beef called the Hamburg steak that eventually evolved into what we now consider hamburgers -Wikipedia

Love Burgers?

You will love it  here at at THE FOOD HALL  in SM Aura the home  of   the master of premium and innovative burger creations himself, Chef Carlo Miguel .  After extensive research, he  came out with several variants of mouth watering burgers you will not be able to resist...

The devil is in the details....

Everybody knows that the excellence of a burger is determined by the quality of  its patty initally and the combinations with other premium ingredients  thereafter. Every detail needs to be perfect.

For me the bread has to be brioche and freshly baked, the sauce made from scratch, the amalgamation must spell magic. That  moment  bringing all ingredients together in  one mouthful  is the make or break few seconds that can evoke hallelujah reactions or just  a stupefied expression.

Good thing Chef Carlo Miguel's Burgers tasted as wonderful as the look and  smell...yum!

Molten Cheeseburger
Hello melted cheese blend, lettuce, tomato and mustard relish oozing  with creamy and cheesy sinfulness. Juicy, meaty, beefy goodness right there

Truffle Bleu Cheese Burger with Gorgonzola Cheese 
Seems  the gods conspired to put all my favorite things in one burger. There is truffle. There is Bleu Cheese. To top it all there is  caramelized onions to provide the sweetness and truffle aioli for that richness.

Double Smash Burger
Think all-beef smashed patties, cheddar cheese crust , homemade bacon jam and secret sauce

Surf and Turf
That amazing steak-cut-all-beef-patty married well with  the mozzarella cheese and crispy shrimp, Thai sweet chili and cilantro cream. The last two ingredients just about transformed this favorite American combo to an Asian dream

New Wagyu Brisket  Burger
If you ever wondered how beef 2 ways would taste in a burger, here is your chance to find out. Visualize  brisket of steak cut all beef patty , 36 hour sous vide wagyu beef brisket, American Cheese, Grilled Onion and Home made bbq sauce. Definitely a carnivore's wish come true

The Kitchen Sink
You know the expression "everything but the kitchen sink" ?. Here's the burger that has everything on it. There is  1) steak cut all beef patty 2)Wagyu Brisket 3) Pork Carnitas 4) Bacon Slab , 3 kinds of onion and American Cheese.  And I thought the New Wagyu Brisket Burger was the carnivore's ultimate burger haha

Foie & Fig Burger

Personally though the  Miss Universe of  my burger is the Foie & Fig Burger. All other variants are just Ms. Colombia. Hands down that Foie , Fig and Burger combo is the best one yet.

Check them out and let me know what you think.

As for me, I can not wait to return with the piggery and handsome hubby in tow to see first hand which among the different variants they would go crazy for.

See you there!

The Food Hall is located at the 5th level Skypark Dining of SM Aura Premiere in BGC

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