Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Of Italianni's Best-Kept Secret Recipes ...

Italianni's just opened its new branch at S'Maison Conrad in  that area  at the ground floor where you also find Texas Roadhouse, Baker & Cook, Red Lobster, etc. They all belong to that notable The Bistro Group which has in its roster Fridays, Fish & Co, Bulgogi Brothers, Watami, Modern Shanghai, etc

Whenever the family finds itself on a weekend in a mall,  our Italian-food-craving-compass always directs us to Italianni's. Not a surprise really, because through all the years we have known Italianni's, the brand has been synonymous to good food and topnotch service.

Yesterday  along with foodie friends, we tried their recently launched  Best-Kept Secret Recipes ... 

Frito Misto  literally  mixed fried is a basket of calamari, shrimps, zucchini and fish fillet combo. A street food in Italy,   Italianni's  version  had the requisite crunchy exterior and succulent interior. Do not forget to squeeze some lemon all over the dish for  a hint of acidity and freshness before dunking in your preferred dip
photo credits @boodlebearph

Liver Pate on Buttered Bread 
Pate was silky with complex flavors  marrying well with the creamy richness of the butter slathered on the bread. Definitely a must try

photo credits @johnbunag

Romano Chicken Ceasar Salad   was a scrumptious healthy option which I indulged in sans any guilt. I can finish a whole plate of this all by my lonesome. So good!

For something substantial and satisfying, the  Country Rigatoni Pasta is your bet. Think  al dente pasta with Italian Sausage, Chicken, pancetta, cannellini beans, vegetables and parmesan butter...yum!

A pescaterian? You will love  Italianni's Salmon Pesto Linguini. That pasta with the pesto cream, salmon chunks, tomatoes, parmesan was a study in balance of flavors and textures. I highly recommend you try this.

Flaky, tender, perfectly cooked and seasoned, this Poached Salmon  was one gorgeous dish.  Do not let that sauce it is swimming in go to waste. Dunk your freshly baked bread in it to soak up all that liquid sin...ambrosia!

Overall,  these classic dishes dubbed Best-Kept -Secret-Recipes  were a delight to discover. They are classic favorites anyone would love to order again and again.

Already planning my next visit with the handsome hubby and piggery.   I can not wait to stuff my face with the Poached Salmon and Salmon Pesto Linguini  again.

Best-Kept-Secret Recipes are available at  the Italianni's  branch nearest you

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