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Nanka for the love of Steak and Japanese food

'Our concept is simple.  We have our protein . We are not going to take away the taste of the protein.Squid is gonna taste like squid.Steak will taste like steak. Tuna will taste like tuna...accentuate clean flavors of the dish, not much seasoning...'

                                                                                                        -Chef Michael Santos 

Of Wagyu, WX and Tomahawk...

Previously  called Moomba famous for bands, night life , ostrich and cheese cake some 15 years ago per Spanky Enriquez, they have rebranded and changed to Nanka just  several moons back.

Nanka  meaning "anything goes" per Chef Michael is a new resto that is a must try for those who love steak and Japanese food. Originally conceptualized as a Japanese-Latin restaurant, it has since evolved into a Japanese Steakhouse with your favorite Japanese staples

At Nanka, you will find Wagyu steak from Japan, WagyuX or WX which is a marriage of wagyu and angus, USDA steak, Black Onyx Tomahawk from Australia.

Chef Michael is also very proud of their tuna which is flown in from Gen San twice a week and locally sourced crabs and oysters


The restaurant is a sprawling area that can seat 100-150 people at any one time. Predominantly gold-black with honeycomb accents, it evoked casual elegance. There is a stage in front where bands perform.

Of  Steak, Crabs, Tuna, etc.

Last Friday together with other select foodies and upon the invite of Spanky Enriquez, we tasted the following...

Oysters Hollandaise P365 (6 pcs)
Succulent, sweet and locally sourced, the dish can be likened to  'amuse bouche' , offering us a sneak peek into the Chef's vision or style.

Deep Fried Oysters P375 (8 pcs)

Grilled Ahi Tuna P355
The Grilled Ahi Tuna were seared outside leaving the middle part raw ala sashimi.. The dish was really simple highlighting how fresh the fish was having been flown from Gen San just a bit earlier that Friday.

Grilled Togarashi Shrimps P495 (9 pcs)

When prawns are overcooked it gets tough. Chef  Michael's Togarashi Prawns though are cooked just so thus leaving the flesh flavorful and juicy

Togarashi is a Japanese spice mixture consisting of mandarin orange peel, sesame seed, poppy seed, hemp seed, nori or aonori and ground sansho (

Tuna and Salmon Chirashi Bowl 
Tuna and salmon were really fresh and delicious. I shall order this again on my next visit.

Chirashi  meaning 'scattered' is basically a big   bowl of rice mixed with fish , vegetables and other ingrediens. In Nanka , their chirashi bowl consisted of salmon and tuna sashimi

Prawn Garlic Noodles P375

Garlic Crabs (market price)
Locally sourced, Philippine crabs were meaty, sweet and succulent.  Rice please.

WX Ribeye P650 per 100 g

Steak was a perfect medium rare. WX or Wagyu X is a marriage between Wagyu beef and Angus. Meat was really tender and flavorful. You will roll your eyes in pleasure at every mouthful

WX Strip Steak P600 per 100 g
Another favorite, it went well with wasabi salt too. I also dipped my steak in chimichurri initially then chipotle miso. Delicious either way or without the dip.

Black Onyx Tomahawk P495 per 100 g
 The Tomahawk was really huge and impressive. Quite tender , flavorful and juicy too

Japanese Green Tea Mousse P215
Chocolate Ganache Mountee P285

Between the two , I prefer the chocolate ganache mountee. Why? It has chocolate 3 ways  ie ganache, mousse and coating . That is not to say the Japanese Green Tea Mousse is chopped liver. It was gorgeous as well. I just loved the different play in textures of  the Chocolate Ganache Mountee.

Overall,  I like that NANKA  is pretty straightforward.

Love steak? You will get steak of premium quality. There are no fancy schmancy presentation to distract you with nor are there heavy sauce or gravy to 'camouflage' the protein. Seasoning is pretty simple - togarashi salt or wasabi salt.

There is no mushroom gravy here nor are there bottles of steak sauce or Worcestershire on the table.
You get a choice of chimichurri, chipotle miso or demi glace for dip.

Personally, I like mine sans any sauce or dip. Im happy just letting the juice  and the natural flavor of the meat with  a bit of the salt  coat my palate lovingly , then washed down with a glass  of red wine. Tasted the 3 dips and my favorites are the chimichurri and chipotle miso.

What stood out apart from the amazing steaks are the Garlic Crabs which Chef Michael is very proud to share , was sourced locally.  Crab meat was especially sweet and meaty and tasted fresh! Yum!

The Ahi Tuna were worth a special mention too. Flown twice a week from Gen San, you can be assured of its freshness

Do not leave the restaurant without ordering their dessert. A perfect sweet ending to an exceptionally good meal, their  Matcha Mousse and  Chocolate Ganache Mountee   are to die for.

Definitely returning with the handsome hubby and piggery in tow.

Thank you for having us Chef Michael Santos and Nanka and for the invite Spanky

photo credits @johnbunag

Nanka  is located at 1810 Mother Ignacia cor Roces Avenue Paligsahan Quezon City

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