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 Food  had always been at the core of Chinese civilization.

It was at the center of many social interactions. Transformative ideas were exchanged at the dining table. For centuries, food has been a focal point of celebration anywhere in the world.

During a time where politics, economy and cosmopolitan culture flourished, The Empress rose like a phoenix.  She paved the way to a golden era where abundance and prosperity were reflected through literature, music and the arts . Feasts brought families and friends together.

Inspired by the cultural heritage of The Empress'  prosperous rule, THE EMPRESS DINING PALACE sought to preserve this heritage by serving authentic regional Chinese cuisine.


A few days ago, The Empress Dining Palace had its grand opening. Today , I was privileged to have been invited along with other select foodies and media to experience their food.

We were served the following...

The Empress Peking Duck
Half P1800/ Whole P3200

This particular fowl always amazed with its golden crisp skin and flavorful meat.  Our server decked in purple and magenta in keeping with the theme of the resto, showed his skill in "skinning" the duck.

Another server was tasked to "assemble" the Peking duck roll with their made from scratch wrapper, skin crackling, spring onion and hoisin sauce.

We watched and drooled while this was all happening. The delicate aroma wafting from the Peking Duck whetted the appetite. But of course the camera had to eat first.

The Empress Four Treasure Clear Soup

The presentation was impressive. The soup had its own 'warmer' to keep it hot. The broth was rich in the flavors of four types of mushroom and  a sea cucumber. It was hearthy, preparing the palate for the next courses.

Pork Ribs Marinated in French Champagne
Small P480/ Medium P760/ Large P960

Succulent,  flavorful, juicy cubes of pork that had been tenderized by French Champagne. What could be more decadent than that? Rice please.

Sweet and Sour Golden Prawn 
Small P1080/ Medium P1620/ Large P2160

Deconstructed sweet and sour prawn? Why not?

Crunchy prawn in fried bread and cheese seem a simple enough concept but it worked. The dish tasted of the richness of the sea with the salty creaminess of cheese. The  sweet and sour dip served  to elevate the flavors a notch. 

I recommend you eat it on its own sans the dip just to appreciate how it tastes without any enhancement.  After that you can drizzle some sauce on top and let the  tangy-saccharine dip and crispy rectangular fried sinfulness  combine for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Mouthfeel was amazing turning the crunch into chewiness which I really loved.

Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Scallop P720

The dish can easily feed 2-4 people. I loved how it was meatless. Appeased  my inner health buff. Crunchy greens, flavorful tofu paired with slivers of scallops hit the spot.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

As was expected, rice was served last. It was scrumptious with bits and pieces or crab. But at this point, it would be a wonder if you still have space left in your stomach following the  7 courses that preceded this much loved Asian staple.

Special Bun with Egg Yolk P150

Think local siopao with salted egg custard inside. It was really delicious and paired well with hot tea. 

Overall,  Master Chef Lam Pui Hung from Hongkong and Executive Chef Paco Pang delivered as promised. All food that came out of the kitchen at lunch today were meticulously curated and executed.

Presentation was beautiful . Ambiance was posh and elegant. Service was topnotch.  The Empress Dining Palace's name fits the restaurant to a T. You will feel like royalty after dining here.

The price is really on the high side yes  but considering everything, well justified. 

Bring the family here   for grand celebrations and important milestones.

Definitely a must try.

Check them out and let me know how it turned out for you.

See you there.

@boyeatworldph, @gomanila @ishmeetsworld, Miss Aida from Empress, Chef Lam,  moi,  @my_kusina_ph and @johnbunag. Thank you @ilovetoeatph for this photo

The Empress Dining Palace is located at 7th Avenue in Bonifacio High Street just across Mango Tree.

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