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Privileged to have been invited to experience  Solaire's Culinary Master Series with Singapore's pride Chef Justin Quek.

His unique Franco-Asian rendition  was not something I would likely forget anytime soon.

His diminutive physique belies his powerful presence as he shares to us his passion for his craft. One can not help but be riveted by how he relayed his journey from humble origins to where he is now.

Last September 3, we enjoyed Chef Justin Quek's Degustation Menu

Degustation Menu

P l a t e a u  d e  C h e f

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Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche , Ginger Flower Dressing, Micro Greens
Justin Quek's Signature Duck Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao
Justin Quek's Signature Mushroom Cappuccino

The first element was Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche which is very  Singaporean or Asian with the ginger flower dressing. I loved how fresh the Hokkaido Scallop. It was sweet, succulent and tasted of  the sea.

The second element ,  the amazing mushroom cappuccino,   is  a vegetarian mushroom soup. Paired with brioche slathered with hazelnut spread , it was a marriage made in heaven.  I suggest you dip the bread in the soup as you would your coffee... so quintessentially Pinoy.  With your first bite you will experience the yin and yang that is the savory  contrasting with the sweet notes. Perfectly balanced.

The decadent Foie Gras XLB  is French inside because of the foie gras and consomme  while Asian outside. Skin was thin just so but strong enough to hold the broth inside. Puncture the skin a bit to let out the consomme and cool it down just a tad  , enough  to take it all in one go without scalding you.

Chef Justin Quek recommended that we eat  the xlb first, followed by the mushroom cappuccino and finally the scallop .

M a i n s

Wok Fried Maine Lobster Hokkien Noodle

This is the Singapore version of Hokkien noodle. Base is broth made from 200 heads of lobster for every 1 liter of water. Boiling, braising and simmering was then done to get the most flavor out of the lobsters. The result? Noodles were amazingly flavorful. Would have wanted more lobster though haha

Crepinette of Pig Trotter, Wild Mushroom Truffle

Braised trotter or front leg  and truffle jus with mashed potato with fried leek on top. Pork was really tender and flavorful from the braising and pan roasting. Presentation was simple yet outstanding. The attention to detail, amazing

D e s s e r t

Chendol in Fresh Coconut

Home made Gulajava ice cream was  good.  Gulajava is actually palm sugar and can be likened to our very own "panutsa". Chendol is  green  rice flour  jelly. Presentation was very Asian or even Pinoy with the coconut husk as vessel.  It was the perfect sweet ending to Chef Justin's Degustation Menu.

Overall,  an amazing lunch experiencing Chef Justin Quek's Franco-Asian cuisine. Think European ingredients, French techniques yet Asian Taste.

It was a joy meeting the dynamo that is Chef Justin. His passion and love for his craft was palpable and contagious and resonated clearly in his cuisine.

Congratulations Solaire and Red Lantern for  a successful Culinary Master Series .

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