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Langnese at Wholesome Table

With a tag line that says "Find your honey", how can one not be intrigued.

Lest  you misconstrue,  let me qualify that this 'honey'  is the sweet and edible kind and not the one that is synonymous with your corazon's current status ie  nbsb , have been ghosted or  exclusively dating read enjoying your  "honey" at the moment for the lucky few.

In fact this honey is not  your usual one ,having a pedigree of 9 decades in its belt. The words PURE, UNFILTERED, POLLEN-INTACT describe it and the brand is from the land where Oktoberfest is celebrated and expensive cars like Mercedes, BMW , Audi, etc are made.

Mark Baumgartner, Langnese Head of Sales & Marketing, Southeast ,South Central Asia, Caucasus,

Meet Langnese and their 90 years of creating the perfect honey...
  • 1925 Karl Rolf Seyferth bought 5,000 kg of Californian honey on the Hamburg Exchange
  • 1927 he acquired the biscuit brand Langnese
  • 1930s, honeycomb cell-shaped jar and diagonal lettering were developed
  • 1958, Langnese becomes the market leader on the German honey market
  • 1985, Langnese included monofloral honeys or finest specialty honeys to its roster of products
  • 1997,  Langnese launches honey in a squeeze bottle
  • Currently, Langnese products are divided into 3 segments a) Feline Auslese or originals b) Feinste Spezialitaten or monofloral honeys c)Flotte Biene or squeeze dispenser.
  • Single serving packages are available for smaller households
Marketing Head Fly Ace and Host

Langnese 5 Flavors of Honey

Yesterday afternoon, I was privileged to have been invited to the launch along with select foodie friends. We enjoyed the following ...

Wholesome Tea - sweetened with Langese Golden Clear Honey, it was the perfect amuse bouche (if you will), to give us a sneak preview of the product and the lunch that awaits us.

It was sweet which was not a surprise with hints of ginger  and lemon grass.
Langnese Golden Clear Honey  is ideal for  flowery tea, fruit juices and coffee.

Crispy Calamari
Sea caught baby squid dipped in batter and deep fried. Served with dip made of egg whites, olive oil with a hint of Langnese Bee Easy Acacia Honey.

Langnese Acacia Honey is  a blossom monofloral honey perfect for dips, pancakes, spreads etc.  It has golden bright color, a refine taste and just the right amount of sweetness 3/5

Cordillera Salad was a kaleidoscope of colors that  was beautiful to behold.  Loved the   Kale, romaine, duck egg (organic), baked onions, carrots, Benguet Pole beans, Feta Cheese, Sagada oranges tossed in Cordillera citrus vinaigrette sweetened with Langnese Bee Easy Wild Lavender Honey.

This variant  was particularly flowery because  of  the lavender. This is perfect for salads. It was less sweet than Acacia.
If Cordillera was flamboyant with its loud colors, Superfood Salad ,  was the more staid one. Consisting of mixed greens, spinach, almonds, chia seeds, feta cheese , goji berry, yellow corn, red onion, orange, superfood dressing sweetened with Langnese Bee Easy Wild Lavender Honey, its flavors more than made up for its lack in vibrancy.

I think I like Superfood better than Cordillera.

Miso Glazed Salmon
Miso glazed  salmon  marinated with  Langnese  Bee Easy  Wild Flower Honey.  It was then garnished with tomatoes, micro greens and Ifugao red rice made into rissoto.

Pork Chops were brined overnight to make them tender

Roast Chicken  consisted of half roast chicken with Langnese Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey Glaze, carrots, roasted potatoes, French beans, Chicken Au Jus, Pasley, Parmesan Cheese. Chicken was  also marinated in honey brine overnight to make them tender and succulent

Langnese Bee Easy Wild Flower Honey is a blossom multifloral honey ideally used for cooking ,baking, marinating, etc.


Wholesome Granola Acai Bowl sweetened with Langnese Black Forest Honey. I can see myself eating this for breakfast and in between meals. Can not wait to replicate at home with Langnese Black Forest Honey.

This variant is tangy  and apparently the healthiest among the 5 variants because it has the highest anti oxidant

Sago't gulaman was an eye opener for me. Honey in lieu of  panutsa although more expensive is healthier and it tasted the same! So definitely trying this one at home.

Overall,   yes i just found my honey! Plus there were a lot aha moments for me at yesterday's media launch.  Honey for brining or tenderizing? I know that now. 

Among the 5 Langnese variants, my favorite is the Black Forest for its high anti oxidant properties. Apparently, the darker the honey, the healthier it is.

So many honey, a lot of them fake or "diluted". So be sure to check for purity with pollen intact.Look no further just buy Langnese in a supermarket nearest to you.

"Langnese Honey enhances one's mood when one knows the right variant that perfectly complements the food. It is known for its purity and versatility which makes it a kitchen staple that can warm the hearts of Filipino consumers. Whatever your lifestyle needs are, there is a Langnese Honey for you " 

                             - Ernie San Beda , Senior Product Manager Fly Ace Corporation

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