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This urbanite mother-of-four loves farms... from afar  that is  or virtually,  ie farmville (hehe)

I may wax poetry over farm life and dreaming of tending my own plot but hey these are all just wishful thinking  at best and are likely to disappear upon the appearance of unexpected  visitors ie any thing small that crawls or flies. That is why the handsome hubby and piggery know not to plan for outing that include "roughing it ". At my age, camping is synonymous with glamping haha.

Gourmet Farms'  'Day Tour' therefore  was the   perfect   'package' for  titas like me who want the farm-to-table and bean-to-cup experience literally without sacrificing our creature comforts.

The Orientation

Amazed at the history of this 12 hectare estate which started  as a 2 hectare farm  back  in the 70s.

Primarily a premiere producer of gourmet coffee, organically grown lettuce, culinary herbs, indigenous herbal teas, salad dressings, sauces and dips, Gourmet Farms is your go-to place for bonding over delicious food and freshly roasted and brewed coffee

Lunch ala Gourmet Farms

After the orientation,  off we went to the Dining Area...

It is a separate building a few steps from the store.

I loved how spacious it was inside with its lofty ceiling and sprawling area. Right smack in the middle was  the buffet spot which had  the soup & salad section, the mains, the pasta area and the dessert section. Just behind it , a live band was playing OPM songs.

 1. SALAD BAR P85 per 100 grams. 
A mise en place of greens,  a rainbow of chopped garnish, all kinds of dressing , at your disposal.

 2. MAINS -  Porchetta with their golden and crispy crackling await to make a filling for your sandwich in or  as protein for your salad.

Note that bread were made fresh that day from the premises

The Porchetta Sandwich  was filling , satisfying and all kinds of delicious. The textures were varying degrees of crunch from the crackling creaminess from the aioli , crispiness from the lettuce and soft chewiness from the freshly baked bread. So good !

3. PASTA - Fettucine or Spaghetti?  Sundried tomato sauce, Pesto or bolognese. Enjoy a bespoke pasta. The  Chef will cook  while you watch.

The final touch is mixing it all together in this huge parmegianno regianno cheese wheel making your pasta really cheesy. Made me really happy.

Pesto Fettuccine
 Fettucine was al dente and chewy absorbing all the scrumptious cheese and pesto sauce.... sublime!

5.  Dessert - I loved that the dessert was made from scratch as well. Blueberry Cheesecake was a favorite along with the apple pie. Washed down with Gourmet Farms bean-to-cup coffee.

Now that was the perfect ending to an amazing healthy meal.

VIP Farm Tour

Light drizzle and overcast skies greeted us upon leaving The Dining Room of Gourmet Farms. The staff was ready though giving out green umbrellas to our contingent of  more than 20 people.

I loved that we  walked off what we indulged in  during lunch. I was stuffed from all the delicious salads. I have never eaten so much greens  in my life! Nothing beats leafy vegetables  freshly harvested just before we arrived.

I felt so healthy eating all those crisp lettuce, arugula, etc I thought it only prudent to achieve balance by enjoying the Porchetta which beckoned with its golden and crispy crackling. Paired it  with the wonderful freshly made pasta... yum!

I digressed. Moving on...
First stop were the fields of greens. Then  off  to St. Joseph's Chapel, pond with ducks,  and b&b units.

St. Joseph's Chapel was a study in tranquility. I can imagine myself  enjoying some me time here and enjoying the quiet surroundings away from the city buzz

Next stop was the Central Kitchen with three areas ...

  • Baking area
  • Ready to eat wraps and salad
  • Bottling for the dressings and sauces.

Our last stop is the Coffee area housing the storage and roasting.

Then back to the store for the introduction to their new products....


Amazing to learn that Gourmet Farms is the very first company to export Philippine Coffee Beans internationally. It has been 3 decades of  advocating fresh brewed and partnership with local farmers as well as international ones.

Last Friday, we got first dibs in Gourmet Farms latest coffee venture. Ever heard of
Drip-On Coffee or Portable Brewer?

Drip On Coffee

Think tea. Just open the sachet . Adjust it on the lip of your mug. Pour hot water and voila!

Drip Coffee Flavors

Baraco Batangas 
full body , distinct fruity undertone

Espresso Blend
dark roast
sweet, fruity and winey undertones

Maynila Blend
full body , rich flavor of coffee

Mountain Grown Arabica
medium body
toastlike flavor and aroma  balanced with sweetness

Hazelnut Blend
full body
hazelnut flavor and aroma

Premium Blend
Medium body
floral aroma

Portable Brewer
Another exciting product is their Portable Brewer If  Drip-On Coffee   is just a one-cup deal. The Portable Brewer yields 2-4 cups depending on how intense you want your coffee brew to be.

Portable Brewer - sealable spout that works as your server as well.  300 ml or 400 ml for 20 grams of ground coffee . Standard pour up to 300ml .  The more the water, the  lighter the  flavor. One bag is good for 2 cups.

Inside the packaging there is a layer of filter paper  similar to what you use in pour overs. Grounds are already there

We tried Atok Benguet variant and the flavor was robust just the way I want it.

No need to bring your nespresso unit when going out of town. Plus the SRP is going to be really affordable for everyone.

Watch out for this. Coming out in your favorite supermarkets soon.

Overall, an amazing experience everyone should try if ever you find yourself in Tagaytay.  Do not forget to pass by their store to buy their produce.

Organic greens, bottled sauces and dressings, their special Civet coffee or their new variant Kapelipinas.

Can not wait to bring the whole clan here.

Thank you for having us Gourmet Farms and Spanky Enriquez for the invite.

Gourmet Farms is located at Km 52 Aguinaldo Highway Buho Silang Tagaytay City

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