Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Da Gianni Revisited

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Its been a year since my last visit at Da Gianni. It was just too far from the family abode. But I have not forgotten  how scrumptious their food was and how you feel the love with every mouthful. You will know when you eat there yourself.

In the meantime, here was the lunch we enjoyed yesterday...


Literally 'mixed salad',  it had mixed greens, mushrooms, bacon and croutons with balsamic vinegar. 

Wild Mushroom Puff P445
Creamy mushroom served in puff pastry bowl. By creamy, I meant  silky-rich-flavorful-sauce made from those delightful fungus

I knew my will was in trouble when my eyes set on that cheese-covered puff pastry oozing with that liquid gold that was almost broth-like with  thick chunks of portobello and shitake mushrooms.

My steadfast resolution  to eat moderately went kaput  when  that spoonful of cheese-puff-pastry-mushroom-sauce came in contact with my palate. 

The saltiness of the cheese, the smooth richness of the made-from-scratch-mushroom-sauce plus the flakiness of the puff pastry was really a marriage of flavors and textures that was simply sublime.


Oh my ,  another winner from Da Gianni. This was one very sinful  yet absolutely scrumptious dish. A different league from the Wild Mushroom Puff I mentioned earlier, this one can hold its own simply by  its 3 elements - that roasted marrow, the freshly baked baguette and the wonderfully-made-from-scratch bbq sauce.  

Just spread that amazing sauce on the freshly-baked-bread  then topped it with that rich golden marrow and that's it be prepared to ooh and aah as you bite away at that combination of crunchy, creamy, rich and tomatoey sweet symphony of flavors.


Pesto Beef Pizza P535
Da Gianni had me at freshly made pizza dough. Minced beef, garlic, mozzarella and pesto in tomato sauce were just trimmings to enhance the thin pizza dough and they were really good.

Quattro Formaggio P555
Assortment of cheese and black truffle paste
This cheese-and-truffle-fiend is over the moon with joy.  I can eat the whole pizza all by myself

P A S T A/ R I S O T T O

Pesto and sundried tomato with honey  and almond crusted shrimps.  This pasta was at once familiar and very tasty. Think Kung Pao using penne.

Angus beef strips sauteed with mushrooms and cream in fettuccine. I loved the creamy sauce and the al dente pasta

From the verb 'pappare' or 'to gobble up'

Broad home made pasta with truffle paste and truffle cream sauce that was to-die-for. This is one pasta dish I want to have a long conversation with for hours. I can not make up my mind  whether to eat faster or linger and savor all the beautiful flavors and textures that plate can give. This is one dish that is a MUST TRY huhu

Camouflage Risotto P570
Created to pay homage to  Heroes Foundation  which Da Gianni is a patron of,  it is a triple flavored risotto of mushroom, truffle and pesto that recreates the soldier camouflage

You have to eat the 3 kinds of risotto  in one go for their combination of flavors.

S E C O N D I   P I A T T I

Fish Shrimp & Chips P525
Beer battered , deep fried shrimps and white fish with wasabi cream dipping sauce

Slow Cooked Short Ribs P875
8  hour braised beef served with mashed potatoes

Tender, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth . Enough said. Carnivores would love this dish.

Grilled Lamb Chops P975
Chargrilled chops served with vegetables, mashed potatoes and mint jelly

Take a slice of the lamb with a little fat together with some greens, mashed, carrots and  mint jelly...so good!!!

 D O L C I

Tiramisu Veneziano P320
Lady fingers with mascarpone cream and Italian Coffee

Dessert Platter P650
Assorted Cakes & Pastries

About Da Gianni
see my previous blog https://pigoutsundays.blogspot.com/2018/09/da-gianni.html 

Da Gianni Cucina Italiana is  all about paying homage to a wonderful nono (grandfather)  to Matteo and his sibs. Everything around the restaurant including the painting of the man on the horse ( painted by Da Gianni himself ),  the knick knacks on the bar, the photo of  Bridgitte Bardot ( famous French actress) were all there because they were important to nono Da Gianni.

Trivia : Check out the restroom for Bridgitte Bardot's portrait. Apparently BB is Nono Da Gianni's all time crush

Of course the food was also inspired by Da Gianni who called the Philippines home 40 years ago with nana Franca.  Matteo relates that growing up in Cebu, all they ate were Italian food cooked  from his grandparents' kitchen  Everything even the water was imported from Italy.

Yesterday thanks to Zomato,  we experienced Da Gianni  Cucina Italiana up close and personal through the stories of Matteo

with owner, actor Matteo Guidicelli

Da Gianni is  located at Westgatte Center, Filinvest City Muntinlupa City

Da Gianni Cucina Italiana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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