Tuesday, August 27, 2019


A healthy meal that taste this good? Why not indeed ?

Last August  27, I was privileged to have been invited to Quorn's Food Crawl via Zomato.

1st Stop
UCC  Clockwork Kapitolyo

I have seen Quorn products during my weekly grocery at S&R and Rustans , but I just give them a cursory glance and move on.

I admit to a certain curiosity then but not enough to stop and try the product.

Good thing  Quorn  partnered with restaurants to increase awareness for their healthy food . Perfect timing too because Im stuck in a vicious cycle  of   unbalanced-rich-food-consumption and I really want to start anew by eating clean.

The first thing I tried was their burger patty served with veggie omelet and marinara sauce.  It looked like a burger patty, smelled like one and tasted like one. Delicious?  Most definitely.

Next we tried Quorn's Sausage

Again it looked, smelled and tasted like the sausage that we know. As I took bite after bite, I was already imagining eating them with sinangag for a sausilog breakfast.

Overall,   less calories, less cholesterol, high in protein, high in fiber, less in fat. What's not to love?  I have a mind to go Quorn the whole week and see what happens with my weight.

Will let you know haha.

In the meantime, check them out and let me know how it turns out for you.

Quorn products are available in leading supermarkets including Rustans and S&R to name  a few. Find out more at www.quorn.ph .
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